Saturday, December 29, 2012

Haul: Pure Ice (pic heavy)

As I mentioned in a previous post Pure Ice was nice enough to send me several samples of their nail polish. I wanted to share with you the shades that they sent me. I received a total of 13 polishes, six were from the 2012 Holiday Collection and seven were from their Runway Collection. I will have swatches of all 13 shades at the end of this post.

First up are the colors I received from the 2012 Holiday Collection (L-R): Five Some, Twinkle, Twist and Shout, Playtime, On His Saddle, Red Hot Mama
Play Time is a beautiful gold glitter polish with some red or copper colored glitter mixed in. When dry this looks like a matte polish, so if you want a shine, a top coat is necessary.
 On His Saddle quickly became one of my favorite polishes. It's a dark turquoise polish with a metallic type finish.
 Red Hot Mama is a maroon cream. I could not get my camera to pick up the true color of this polish.
 Five-Some is an interesting polish. It has a gray/black base with purple/fuchsia, blue and silver glitter.
 Twinkle is another one of my favorites, which my camera did not capture the true color of. It is gorgeous magenta glitter. It has big chunks and small glitter.
 Twist and Shout is a red based glitter mixed with some blue glitter. I think this would look great over a white base for the 4th of July!

Next are the polishes from the Runway Collection. These come in several finishes, I received there of the Velour polishes, two of the Diamond Couture, one of the French Trend and one of the Metro Chic.

First up the Velour Polishes. I absolutely love the finish on these! These also dry to a matte finish. I like the finishes that these have, but if you prefer shiny polish you may wish to add a top coat.

Touch Me Softly is a beautiful plumy purple color. 
 Ruffled Sheets is a silver polish. I really like this one!
 Over the Top is a copper colored polish. Great for fall!
Next are the Diamond Couture polishes. I love these because they have huge chunks of glitter. (L-R): Material Girl and Sea-Quin.
 Sea-Quin is a Mossy Green Glitter. LOVE it!
 Material Girl is described by Pure Ice as a Pink with Pink shard glitter.

Last but not lease are the French Trend polish and the Metro Chic polish. (L-R): Viva Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.
 Viva Las Vegas is a light gold chrome, beautiful color.
 Monte Carlo is a super bright magenta pink. Great for the toes!

And now the swatches!!!
1. On His saddle, 2. Over the Top, 3. Touch Me Softly, 4. Viva Las Vegas
 5. Monte Carlo, 6. Red Hot Mama, 7. Five-Some, 8. Material Girl
 9. Playtime, 10. Sea-Quin, 11. Twinkle, 12. Twist and Shout
 13. Ruffled Sheets

Have you tried any of these shades? Which ones are your favorites?

*All these polishes were sent to me for free.


  1. These look so pretty! I have never tried Pure Ice - well, I have one expired bottle, but that doesn't count. I'm thinking of getting a couple shades soon :)

    1. They are great polishes, and at a price of $1.97 you can't go wrong :)


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