Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge Week 5: Music

Welcome to another installment of the Mish Mash Challenge! When I seen the theme for this week was music I had a brilliant idea in my head, paint music notes on my nails, can we say total fail. Y'all it was such a disaster, I tried 3 times to paint them on and it looked terrible each time. So I was thinking what in the world am I going to do for music. My hubby offered to paint them on for me, and I was like okay, but before he got the chance to we went to visit my family and my Niece wanted me to do her nails, and she brought out these nail stickers and guess what was on there, Music Notes! Week 5 Mani saved LOL!

For my base colors I used White on the Spot from Milani and Black Out from Pure Ice. I then placed the stickers my lovely, mani-saver Niece supplied me with on my ring fingers as an accent nail. After I did that I still thought it looked a little plain so I topped my nails with some Color Club glitter polish that I won in a giveaway that the fantastic Liz, from A Mani Maniac, had a few weeks ago.

And here is the end result:

Stop by the other ladies blogs and see what they did for Music Week! I'm still healing from my oral surgery, so it may be later in the week before I get around to every ones blog.

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Look: New Avon Quads

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Avon has been revamping their entire makeup line, changing packaging, some formulas, and colors. I purchased one of their new quads and I just wanted to share with you the changes that they have made. First I don't think this color was available before, it's called stone taupes. They have changed the shapes of the shadows from round raised up 'bumps' to all flat squares. I like the new look so much better, I think it looks more classy. The texture of the shadows feel different too, they feel very soft and buttery, very nice texture to them. The size of the compact appears to be the same. They have also lowered the price on them, the quads used to be $9 when not on sale, now they are $7.

Since the revamping Avon has discontinued several shades. If there is a shade you love and would like to know if it will still be available leave a comment down below and I'll let you know.

Visit my online store to see all the available shades.

For now I am off to the oral surgeon (insert whiny, kid like temper tantrum of I don't wanna go) so I will probably be MIA for the next couple of days.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Nail Tutorial #IHeartMyNailArt

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You know what I like to do sometimes on rainy days? Go shopping for new nail polish, and that is exactly what I did the other day! I had seen the weekly circular for Walgreen's and they were having a sale on Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat polish, two for $10, and the all Xtreme Wear polishes were $1.99, score! I headed off to Walgreen's and set out to find the Fuzzy Coats by Sally Hansen. On my way back to the main aisle of cosmetics I passed a display for the Sugar Coat polishes, but I passed on those and found a wall full of other Sally Hansen products. I honestly did not know that Sally Hansen had so many different kinds of nail products, did you?

There are eight colors in the Fuzzy Coat collection and I must say I had a hard time deciding which ones I wanted. Just look at all those fun colors and the endless possibilities for cool nail art!

In the end I opted to get Fuzzy Fantasy and Fuzz-Sea. I also got two Xtreme Wear colors in Bubble Gum Pink and Blue Me Away! Does anyone else love all the creative names that nail polishes have?

I also wanted to try something new and do a picture tutorial of how I achieved my nail look. If you guys like this type of thing please let me know and I'll try to do some more. Here is what the final result was for my nail look, keep scrolling to see how I achieved this look.

Liebster Award

The wonderful Natalie from Over the Top Coat has nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much Natalie!

Just to explain the Liebster Award:
1. To be nominated you must have less than 200 blog followers.
2. You must share 11 random facts about yourself.
3. You need to answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you.
4. Then you need to share by nominating 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers and ask them 11 questions.

Since I have been awarded this award before and since everyone I follow either has over 200 followers or I've already nominated them, I am only going to answer Natalie's 11 Questions ;)

1. What kind of superpower would you most like to have?
That's a tough one, but I'll say teleporting. That way I could just teleport myself to my moms house instead of having to drive a 200 mile round trip.

2. Where is your favorite place in the whole world?  (It does not have to be somewhere you've actually been) 
I have 2 favorite places, the beach and in my husbands arms :)

3. Do you have pets?  Please include type of pet and their name(s) :)
I have 2 cats that I love to pieces! Back story on their names LOL; originally the hubs and I named them Smokey and Bandit (yes, after the movie), but over the 4 years we've had them we have begun to call them Mopey and Buzzy. If we call them by Smokey or Bandit they don't respond to us. 

4. Why did you decide to start blogging?
I started blogging because I became very interested in makeup and nail polish and really none of my friends or family members had as deep and obsession interest in it as I did and I needed an outlet, a place to share my interests with like minded ladies.

5. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Buy an new house, new cars for family members, buy a house at the beach. Then I would have to buy some beauty products and probably put the rest in the bank.

6. What's your favorite day of the week?
I'm gonna say Wednesdays because that is Mish Mash Challenge day!

7. Do you "geek out" over anything?  (i.e. TV show, favorite band, comic books, etc.)
LOL that's a funny phrase. Currently I 'geek out' over Big Brother and every time I see a commercial for the new season of Survivor, OMGosh y'all it's gonna be good season of Survivor!

8. Do you like to cook/bake?
I love to cook and bake! I love trying new recipes and even making up some of my own.

9. Do you think there's life on other planets?

10. Are you a fan of practical jokes or pranks?
I guess so, unless they go too far. I however can not get pranks on people because I always start laughing and give it away :/

11. What's something that few people might know about you?
That I am allergic to all kinds of smoke. If I smell it, 9 times out of 10, I will either get a migraine or a sinus infection.

Thank you again Natalie for nominating me!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sinful Colors Collaboration

Today's post is my very first collaboration post, and I am so excited to have teamed up with Krystal from Beauty by Krystal and Eugenia from Geniabeme Beauty Blog, to share our Sinful Colors polish collections.

I was not sure what would be the best way to showcase my collection, I did know that there were to many of them for me to paint my nails, take a picture, remove the polish and do it all again. So I went with nail wheel swatches and to list the name of all the polishes in my collection as well as a short description of each one, then below that I will have the photos of the swatches. Also in the description of the polish I have linked to other blog posts where I am wearing the polish. I must warn you, this post is picture heavy.

Okay on to the polishes!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 iFabbo Social Media Conference

A few months back I joined a great website called iFabbo and have been very happy with all that they do. I especially love reading their blog, because they always give great advice and ideas for all your blogging needs. With that being said I wanted to share some information with you about their 2013 Social Media Conference; It's being held at the Merchants Exchange Club in San Francisco on October 12th. They are going to have some really great speakers on 4 different panels that covers monetizing, photography/videography, how to create press and media kits, how to develop better agency relationships, and the future of beauty and fashion in the digital space.

Here's what's included with each purchased ticket:

  • 1 entrance ticket to the all day conference
  • 1 entrance ticket to the cocktail after-party
  • Lunch, snacks and beverages
  • An extravagant goodie bag valued at over $200

For more information and all the details visit iFabbo's page about the 2013 iFabbo Social Media Conference.

If I lived closer to California I would seriously consider checking out this conference, would be super helpful to those just starting out and for those that have been blogging for a while.

Have you ever been to a conference like this? Will you be attending the 2013 iFabbo Social Media Conference?

Mish Mash Challenge Week 4: Nail Art You've Never Tried Before

I am super excited about this weeks challenge, as it has challenged me to try a nail art technique that I've never tried before! Every time I see a gradient nail art I always say to myself 'I want to try that!' Well this week I did and I have to say I don't think I did too bad for my first time!

I painted my nails with Milani's White on the Spot for my base color, I then used three Sinful Colors polishes for my gradient, 24/7 (pink) Amethyst (purple) and Happy Ending (green). I love how bright it came out and I am proud of myself for giving a new technique a try.

I can't wait to see what everyone else did for their never before tried technique!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Haul: Collective Avon

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It has been a while since I have shared items that I've purchased from Avon with y'all, so I am doing a collective haul of the items I have got over the last few campaigns. All but two of the products are brand new items Avon has came out with in the last month or so. I will tell you my first impressions of the products then do a review on them later on after I have used them a little more.

Up first we have Skin So Soft Aroma Therapy 48 hour moisturizer. I got one in each of the available scents, Energizing and Calming. So far I really like these the few times that I have used them.

Next we have a new line of face products from Avon called Avon Elements. I purchased the Avon Elements Moisture Boost, a daily facial moisturizer. I think it does a great job of moisturizing and I also really like the scent it has. I also picked up one of the Skin So Soft roll on deodorants, I have been selling Avon for 7 years now and this is the first one of these that I have tried!

I also picked up another Brushed Metals polish, this one is in the shade Lilac Quartz, but it looks so much like the Textured Topaz one that I featured on the blog. Not very happy with the fact that they look way too much alike. In the brochure this one actually looks like a lilac color. Avon has also came out with their own version of a flakie polish called Opal Top Coat. I'm not sure how I feel about this product yet, I'm going to have to test it quite a bit more before I make a final decision.

Looks gorgeous in the bottle!
Lilac Quartz; Does this look lilac at all?
Lastly I picked up a couple eye products, the first one is a GlimmerSticks Eyeliner in the shade Nocturnal. The best way I can describe this color is a grayish purple. I also got one of the Extra Lasting eye shadow pencils in the shade Topaz Shimmer, and I'm not too happy with it, only because in the book it is shown as a light taupe color and what I got looks nothing like that, it's actually a coppery brown.

GlimmerSticks Nocturnal 
Swatch of GlimmerSticks Nocturnal and Extra Lasting Shadow Stick in Topaz Shimmer

Have you shopped Avon recently? What new products do you want to give a try?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fing'rs Heart 2 Art Tattoo Paper

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I have been holding on to my Fing'rs Heart 2 Art tattoo paper for quite sometime now, I've never used a product like this before and I figured it was about time to test it out. 

The concept of this product is pretty cool and it's super easy to use. All you do is cut the tattoo paper to the correct size for your nail, peel the plastic film off, dunk it in water and place it on your nail for about 10 seconds, the white paper will side off and leave the 'tattoo' on your nail. The only real problem I had was a couple times I accidentally let the tattoo hit my nail while I was trying to align it before actually placing it down and the tattoo stuck instantly to my nail. On one of my nails I some how managed to wrinkle the tattoo and it left a bump on my finished nail look. Other than those few incidents application was great

I was inspired by Krystal over at Beauty By Krystal to try out a form of nail art I had never heard of, translucent nail art, where you do your nail art on bare nails. I really like the looks of this translucent nail art, I just think it looks so clean. So for my nail look I applied Sally Hansen Hard as nails for my base coat, applied the tattoos as described above and sealed it all in with NYC Quick drying top coat. I think I'm going try this technique again, but instead of using a shiny top coat, use a matte one.

Have you tried tattoo paper on your nails or translucent nail art?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Haul: Bath & Body Works

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I went to Bath & Body Works for a specific fragrance, Rome Honeysuckle Amore, but they did not have it, so I took advantage of their three mini's for $10 promotion they had going on and picked up three new (to me) scents; White Mango, Coconut Water and Citrus Orchid. I also picked up five of their hand sanitizers; Peach Poppy, Sweet Clementine, Aqua Blossom, I love S'mores and one for my hubby,Ocean for Men. He always asks me if I have any hand sanitizer and then he'll say is it gonna make me smell like a girl? LOL I told him he didn't have to worry about that now.

Is it just me that hates actually going to the Bath & Body Works store? I feel like their employees are lions waiting on some fresh meat they can pounce on. Just let me shop and if I need anything I'll come to you LOL. Please tell me I am not alone on this one.

Have you shopped at B&BW recently? What did you get?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Haul: Big Lots

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Y'all know how much I love finding good deals and I honestly believe that Big Lots is one of the best places to find good deals on beauty products! With that said, hubby and I went out to do a little shopping in one of our nearby towns and lucky for me there was a Big Lots and I feel like I scored a pretty good haul.

First up I spotted some Salon Selectives shampoos and conditioners. I tend to switch up my shampoo and conditioners every so often, so I thought I would give these a try and 24 oz for $1.80, why not? I got Moisturizing Shampoo for dry, damaged or fragile hair, and smooth and straight conditioner that is supposed to help smooth and tame frizz to give you sleek and silky hair. 

I also picked up two packs of the epielle cleansing wipes, one Aloe Vera and one Citrus. I have tried the Green Tea ones and I really like them so I wanted to try out the other kinds they had to offer. These cost $1.00 each and contain 30 wipes.

I spotted some ELF products too and decided to pick up one of the Beauty Must Haves Eyeshadow Compacts in Natural. It was only $2.95 and it says that they can be used dry or wet. 

The items that I am most excited about finding are the Maybelline Color Show Sequins nail polishes! I found the whole collection, minus one for $1.00 each! They are gorgeous polishes packed full of sparkle!
L-R: Ruby Rhinestones, Rose Bling, Cocktail Dress, Sapphire Masquerade, Gold's Night Out, Sea-Quins, Silver Gleam
Have you scored any good finds at Big Lots recently?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge Week 3: Metallic

It's Wednesday and that means it's Mish Mash Challenge day! This weeks challenge which was metallic nails. I have a whole set of L.A. Colors polished that are labeled as metallic that I think I have only wore one color from, so I thought today would be a great day to showcase another color from that set. These polished do not have names or numbers which is kind of a bummer, so well just call this one 'The Green One'. Application was great and I love how quick it dries. I felt it was a little plain so I decided to add a rhinestone on my ring finger. Not sure if the stone really helped or not, but I thought it was sorta cute.

Be sure to stop by and see what the other ladies did for Metallic Week!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review: Avon Brushed Metals Polish

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One of Avon's newest collections is the Brushed Metals Collection. It makes me think of the textured polishes that other brands have out. The Brushed Metals do have texture to them and look amazing out in the sun, looks like crushed up gemstones. The color that I have is Textured Topaz. In the following photos I used only one coat, but I think I should have used two because I can see a few 'bald' places on one of my nails.

I really like this polish, it is the first textured polish I have had. It goes on great and has a decent wear time and dries pretty fast, which is always a plus. My pictures do not really show how sparkly it is so I am adding a short video to showcase the sparkle. The video does not show it off as good as it looks in person, the best sparkle I was able to capture was when it was out of focus.

Have you tried the Avon Brushed Metals Polishes?

Also I have a little poll up in the right hand corner of the blog. Would you please take just a second and vote in it? I would appreciate it very much.

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