Monday, March 30, 2015

Orly Mirrorball

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Today I have a very short post on Mirrorball from Orly, a stunning silver/gray holographic polish with little bits of holographic glitter! In my swatch below I applied three coats to get it to an opacity that I was happy with, this polish has a great formula and dried quickly so three coats was not a huge deal.

I do however wish that the sun would have been more cooperative with me so I could have captured all the holographic goodness, but it just did not want to show it's self during the times it was convenient for me to take photos, so all the photos were took inside in front of a window.

Wear time on this was okay, I applied it on Wednesday and had a few chips by Friday, not huge chips but still chips LOL I still really like it though, it's just too pretty not to like!

I hope you all had a great weekend and I'll see you again on Wednesday, not sure what I'll have up yet.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil & Wipes

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A few weeks ago I received the Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil  and Wipes from iFabbo to test out, in short I don't like them.

The PreCleanse Oil and Wipes are supposed to allow you to achieve clean and healthy skin with the DoubleCleanse regimen, which to me means you are going to have to use two products to clean your face. The wipes are biodegradable and are supposed to melt way layers of excess sebum, sunscreen, waterproof makeup, pollutants and other products. Both the wipes and the oil are formulated with skin softening aloe and apricot oils, condition rice brand and Vitamin E, without artificial fragrances, colors or parabens. Both products are also safe to use around the eye area to remove waterproof makeup. Some benefits of these products are that they remove oils without clogging pores, conditioning fatty acids nourish skin and enables your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to work more efficiently.

To use the wipes you wipe it over your face and eyes to dissolve surface dirt and oil. Add water if you wish to create a milky emulsion and rinse with lukewarm water, the follow up with your prescribed Dermalogica cleanser for professional cleansing results.

For the oil you dispense oil into dry hands, massage over dry face and eyes to dissolve oil and dirt, wet hands and continue massaging to create a milky emulsion. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with prescribed Dermalogica cleanser for professional cleansing results.

For me both these products have an odd smell, at first you can smell sort of a citrusy scent, then once I began applying the products to  my skin, they began to smell like some kind of chemicals, reminded me of kerosene. I also don't like having to use two cleansing products on my face, I would rather use one cleanser, a toner and some moisturizer.

I did not like these products at all as I stated above, the smell was bad, I didn't feel like it cleanse my face that well and they caused me to break out, and I almost never have breakouts. Once my face broke out I discontinued using these products, since I knew for sure they were the culprit.

I know everyone's skin is different and just because I had a bad experience with these, does not mean everyone will, but with that being said, this is not a product I would not recommend.

Have you tired any of the Dermalogica products? Did you have good or bad results?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hair Woes

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Back in October I highlighted my hair and had it touched up in January (I think), well when I touched it up, I just bought the Petite kit instead of the full size that I used the first time. I assumed they would be the same, just less product to put on your hair, I was way wrong! I was right about there being less product to put on your hair, but also missing from the petite kit was the toning rinse and the bag to place over your head after you have applied the bleach. To me these are two of the most important things to have when bleaching dark colored hair. Needless to say this did not work well at all, you could not even tell that I had touched them up, so I waited till earlier this month and went to touch them up again, this time I bought the full size kit. I sat for a very long time letting my sister pull my strands through the cap and applying the product, I then went to rinse the bleach out of my hair and applied the toner. Once that was all done I pulled my hair up in to a ponytail and went to get some takeout, came home ate and then I was gonna flatiron my hair. When I took it down I nearly had a heart attack, it was 100% blonde! I did not get all the bleach out of my hair when I rinsed it, so it was still bleaching. It some places it was bleached so much that it was white, it was bad!! I feel like it wouldn't have looks so bad if I didn't have such dark roots, but in any case I could not live with my hair that blonde.

I had to end up going to Sally's Beauty and getting some protein filler and then to Walmart for some hair dye to make me look halfway normal again. For my hair color I got Revlon Color Silk in the shade Light Golden Brown, with this I was able to get it to a very light shade of brown. I was very happy with the shade that it turned my hair.

Then in the last few days I had noticed that it was starting to look very un-natural, so I on a whim decided to color it again. This time I went with Revlon Color Silk in the shade Medium Rich Brown. How funny is it that I'm wearing the same shirt in my before and afters LOL

I really liked this hair dye both times that I've used it and it is super affordable $2.97 It is a permanent dye and has 100% gray coverage. I know when I bleached my hair then recolored it the first time it felt very unhealthy and I was a little concerned about coloring it this last time, but since I have colored it, it feels so much healthier, super soft and shiny!

I do think now I will give my hair a break for a while, I really want to redo the hightlights, but I think I'll wait a while on it and give my hair time to rest.

Have you ever went to color your hair and the outcome be something totally different than you expected? Tell me about it in the comments!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Collective Nail Polish Haul & Update

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Where is this year going? I can't believe it is already March! Today I wanted to share a nail polish haul with y'all and an update as well.

My polish haul is a collective one from the past month or so, so let's start with that ;)

First up I finally found the NYC Strip Me Off base coat, I picked two of these up, but conveniently lost one last week when I went out of town. I also picked up a few Sinful Colors polishes, Ring the Belini, which I posted about already, Zest of Times (Rite Aid) and Thimbleberry (Big Lots). I purchased one of the new polishes from Avon, Reckless, I swatched it and based off the swatch I was not too thrilled with the formula but will give it another try. Lastly in this photo I picked up December to Remember from China Glaze while Sally's was having their additional 50% off Clearance sale. I have used this polish and really loved it, such a beautiful shade of blue with light pink reflects!

Found a couple more polishes at Sally's! Orly Steal the Spotlight and Finger Paints In the Monet. Lastly I found some polishes that I've wanted since they came out, but didn't want to pay what the stores were asking for them, but luckily for me Big Lots had some of them the last couple of times I was there! I'm talking about the Revlon Parfumerie polishes, I picked up Lavender Soap, Wintermint, African Tea Rose and Apricot Nectar. I could not get over how good African Tea Rose smelt, I was quite amazed that once the polish was on my  nails and fully dry, that it did not smell like nail polish at all! The scent was noticeable for the next few days, but only when I had my hands near my nose and it was  not an over powering smell. I hope the other three smell just as good!

And now for my update; I finally found a job, Thank God!! It is a retail setting so it's already going much better than the job I found last year. I'm still trying to work out a blogging schedule that will fit in with my job schedule as well as my Avon schedule and everything else that I need/want to do. Right now I'm thinking about posting on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. I should have 2 days off each week that will allow me to get posts wrote and then I can schedule them to post. I think once I get a new routine set things will fall in to place :)

I've also reached a goal on my blog, today's post is post number 500!

Hope you all enjoy your Monday!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sinful Colors Ring the Belini

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I seen a swatch of Ring the Belini on Instagram and I just had to have it, luckily I was able to find it at a Rite Aid when I was out of town visiting with family.

Ring the Belini is from Sinful Colors Citrus Twist collection and was designed as a special top coat, but I found that it can be wore alone. It is a beautiful orange jelly with bits of orange glitters, sometimes these glitters, to me, give off a fuchsia color.  In my first swatch below I only have on Ring the Belini, I applied 3 thick-ish  coats. If you don't like seeing VNL (visible nail line) you may not want to wear this alone, as you can see in my swatch you can see my staining from Julep's Marion.

In this next swatch I used 2 coats of Sinful colors Clementine as my base then added one coat of Ring the Belini. I would wear this polish alone or on top of another color. I don't know how it would work over other colors, like black, but I will be testing it out over other colors.

I also picked up Zest of Times from this collection and will blog about it in the near future. I am going to use Ring the Belini as my Last Nail Purchase entry on the SBB Nail Challenge ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Maybelline Color Show Lasting Lilac

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Today's polish comes from the Maybelline limited edition Vintage Leather Collection, it is Lasting Lilac. I'm not really sure why they wanted to call this line Vintage Leather, to me it's just polish with a matte finish and some metallic looking shards.

Lasting Lilac is slightly sheer, and the first coat was rather streaky, I ended up using three coats to get the opacity to a state I was happy with. I love the shade of this color, it's not lilac at all, but more like a grapey purple. It looked okay matte, but I wanted something shiny so I did add a glossy top coat to it. Obviously since it is a matte finish it did try super quick.

I like this polish for it's super quick dry time and the color, I don't know that I would ever wear it matte, to me I think it looks better shiny. I found this at the Dollar Tree so for $1 can't really say anything bad about it!

Tomorrow I'll be back with Ring the Belini from Sinful Colors Citrus Twist Collection.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review: Essie Sleek Sticks in Croc Madame

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A while back I purchased some Essie Sleek Stick nail appliques at the Dollar Tree and I finally got around to trying a pack of them out. I used the ones called Croc Madame, they are a beautiful minty teal green with a crocodile skin texture to them. The textured part also has a slight holographic effect to it.

The Sleek Stick nail appliques have been UV cured to provide long lasting wear with a high gloss finish. In the packaging you get 18 appliques, a cuticle stick and a nail file/buffer. They are super easy to apply, I prepped my nails by removing all existing nail polish and then wiping each nail down with some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. I then used the provided cuticle stick to push back my cuticles. Next I selected the correct appliques for each finger and applied them one by one. I did use my own file to file the excess off, instead of the one provided.

Usually when I use these types of nail nail products they don't tend to stick on very long, but these were a whole different story. I applied these on a Wednesday and by the following Wednesday they were still stuck to my nails! I did, as with all nail appliques, have some tip wear, this might could have been prevented if I had applied a top coat.  I feel like I could have wore these for another week, but I was just tired of looking at them so I removed them. The removal process is as easy as the application process, to remove you simply pull them off. They did leave a little glue residue on my nails, but all I had to do was wipe my nails down with some polish remover and it all came off.

I would use these again, but only if I found more of them at the Dollar Tree. To be honest I don't even know if you can find these at the drug store anymore, I looked on Essie's website and could not find them on there anywhere.

Have you tried Essie Sleek Sticks? Did you have good results?

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