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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lime Accent

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I am loving those two Bleached Neons I was able to find at Big Lots, I still really wish I could have found the rest of them! Today I have Lime Accent for you, it's neon, it's lime green and it looks as though it's been bleached.

I started out with one coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, just to make it pop a little more, I followed that up with two coats of Lime Accent. It went on very smoothly, but it did seem to take a while to dry, so much in fact that I put a quick drying top coat over it just to speed up the process. After that dried I stamped a cool looking design on it, using stamping plate BP-50 from Born Pretty Store, and added another coat of my quick drying top coat.

I really love the way this came out, the black and lime go well together!

Checking another number off the #SBBNailChallenge with this mani, number 46 Favorite nail art technique! Stamping is by far my favorite thing to do to my nails and it's so easy anyone can master this technique with a little practice.

I'm working away at this untried pile of polish, I'll be back next week with another polish :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Broadway Gradient

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As you know I am trying to chip away at this massive pile of untried nail polish, so today I have not one but two colors for you!

Today I have two polishes from Broadway Nails, Sour Apple and Easter Annie. Both of these are cream polishes and a little on the thick side, once I seen how thick they were I opted to do a gradient mani and they worked amazingly well for that.

I started off by getting one of the wedge shaped makeup sponges and letting water run over it then squeezing it out, this helps to not have to use so much nail polish. I set my sponge to the side and painted all my nails with Avon Iceberg, a white nail polish. Once that dried I began working on my gradient, I did them all the same way with the exception of my ring fingers, I flipped the colors just to change it up a bit ;) I topped everything off with some Salon Perfect Cosmic Dust, which my camera refuses to take a good photo of. I can not for the life of me get a good shot of all the sparkle that it contains!

I really love the way this came out, I even had a little old lady comment on them saying "look what beautiful nails"!

I get to work the day shift on Saturday and have Sunday off so I will chip away at this pile a little more over the weekend!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Orchid Funky Monkey

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I'm back with Orchid's Funky Monkey! I'm kinda on the fence with this one, it's a really pretty color; sheer light brown base with redish/orange/brown glitter. It goes on smoothly and dries in a decent amount of time, but oh is it sheer! In the swatches below I applied 3 medium-ish coats and you can still see my nail, not just the nail line, but the whole nail.

In the next photo I put a coat of Funky Monkey over Avon's Mudslide, a medium dark muddy looking brown cream polish. I like the effect that Funky Monkey gave to Mudslide, make it look like a completely different polish.

So in my opinion a good polish for the most part, just super sheer and will most likely be layered over another polish any time I use it. I'm wondering if their cream polishes would be any better. I've looked for Orchid online in the form of a Google search and also looked for it on Amazon, but there is little to be found.

Friday I hope to be back with 2 more untried polishes to show y'all!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bleached in Peach & Leopard Print

Hey y'all! Today I'm am getting started on my big pile of un-tired polishes with Bleached in Peach!

Bleached in Peach is one of the Bleached Neons from Maybelline, I really love this color and the name is very accurate, a very washed out peachy color. I wanted to to a leopard print mani but it did not turn out quite like I would have liked it too. I started with 3 coats of Bleached in Peach, first two were rather streaky and I still ended up with some streaky looking sections. Then I grabbed my dotting tools and made a few black 'dots' and went around them with some silver. I think it might have looked better if I added more dots.

Also my photo did not capture the true color of this polish. In person it's more peachy less orange LOL

For this to be a neon polish it faired better than most neons do with me. I was able to get about 3 days out of it before it chipped. Most neons chip on me the first day or two.

Up next on my list of un-tried polishes, Funky Monkey from Orchid!

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