Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friday Favorites

Here are my favorites for this week :)

1. ELF Golden Bronzer. I feel like this gives my face just a hint of color with out looking all weird. I do wish that it didn't have shimmer in it though.
2. Physicians Formula Healthy Wear tinted moisturizer with SPF50. I love this stuff, it's super easy to apply, I just use my fingers. It lasts on my face all day and gives me good coverage.
3. My favorite fragrance this week has been Moonlight Path by Bath & Body Works. This is probably my favorite scent from there.
4. This week I have still been using my Wet n Wild Silent Treatment trio. It's such a great trio!
5. For my eye shadow base I have been using Avon's Cool Bliss eye shadow in Pebble Stone. This is kind of like a cream shadow and when you apply it to your eyes it leaves them feeling cool and refreshed. I think it's the perfect base for the Wet n Wild Silent Treatment Trio. Really makes the eye lid color pop.
6. Still loving my Mark Scanda-Lash mascara.
7. For my lips this week I have been loving my Wet n Wild Megashield lip color in Birthday Suit.

What were your favorites from this week?

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