Thursday, May 24, 2012

Avon Haul Favorites and Fails

If you have not seen my Avon haul from last campaign go ahead and check that out :)

Out of the six products that I purchased 2 of them were complete fails! The Main Squeeze lip gloss is just way too sticky and sparkly for my taste. The Mark Speedway Do Everything makeup in Ivory was an even bigger fail in my opinion. First off it has kind of a yellowish tint to it, it seems to settle in to any fine lines that you may have and the finish looks really powdery. Definitely not good for anyone that has any dryness on their face, like I do. Also I am pretty pale and this make up made me look like a ghost : /

I had one product that was a so-so product for me and that was the i-mark Custom Pick Eye shadow in Gioia. This is a beautiful color, but I felt like I really had to pack it on to get the color to show up good on my lids.For $6 I would much rather go out and get a Wet 'n Wild pallet and still have $1 or $2 left over. If these were on clearance or on sale for really cheap, I might purchase another one, but definitely not going to spend $6 on it.

The two product that I really liked were the Snap to it Custom Color Palette. It is a really well made case to hold the eye shadows in. If you have tried the mark eye shadows and like them I would highly recommend this case to put them in. I like how well you can see the product that you have inside the case, makes it easier to find certain colors you may be looking for. The second product that I liked a lot was the Mini Mark It Stick for lips in Apricot. I like the way it applies and the finished look it gives my lips. I also like that it's small so it makes it easy to just throw in your purse or your travel bag and it won't take up hardly any space.

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  1. The same happened with my Mark Speedway in Natural, it was so yellow, there it was no way to blend it on my skin, and made my pores to look bigger also. I have 2 Mark eyeshadows and I thought I probably got a bad one, but there is no pigmentation out of one called Fairy dust. Like you said, I have way cheaper eye shadows much better than those that cost $6 for one...:(


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