Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sinful Colors Collaboration

Today's post is my very first collaboration post, and I am so excited to have teamed up with Krystal from Beauty by Krystal and Eugenia from Geniabeme Beauty Blog, to share our Sinful Colors polish collections.

I was not sure what would be the best way to showcase my collection, I did know that there were to many of them for me to paint my nails, take a picture, remove the polish and do it all again. So I went with nail wheel swatches and to list the name of all the polishes in my collection as well as a short description of each one, then below that I will have the photos of the swatches. Also in the description of the polish I have linked to other blog posts where I am wearing the polish. I must warn you, this post is picture heavy.

Okay on to the polishes!

  • Tahiti Breeze- A very light cream color with gold shimmer, great for layering
  • Glass Pink- A super pale pink with some silver shimmer, great for layering
  • Unicorn- A beautiful light yellow cream
  • Lets Meet- A yellow that leans toward orange with some shimmer
  • Neon Melon- Highligther Yellow color that my camera would not pick up a 100% accurate color, dries matte
  • Clementine- An orange cream
  • Tapping Nails- A red-orange with some shimmer
  • Shirley & Buddy- Light Pink with some blue iridescent glitter, great for layering
  • Dancing Nails- A Mauve Shimmer
  • 24/7- Highligter Pink, one of my favorite polishes, dries Matte
  • Hot Hot Heat- A beautiful burgandy with a hint of shimmer
  • Forget Now- A fuschia with pink and purple shimmer/glitter, I love layering this over other pink/fuschia polishes
  • Happy Ending- Green with some gold shimmer/glitter, dries matte
  • Cinderella- Beautiful light blue with with iridescent shimmer/glitter
  • Savage- Bright teal, dries matte
  • Why Not- Bright Blue
  • Love nails- A beautiful blue with a hint of shimmer, great for layering
  • Nail Junkie- Light blue clear base with glitter
  • Let Me Go- Very light lilac color that is iridescent, great for layering
  • Mama-San- Light Mauve with some shimmer
  • Bali Mist- Light Lilac color that is iridescent, looks a lot like Let Me Go, great for layering
  • Winterberry- A beautiful purple-grey with a hint of shimmer, on of my favorites
  • Amethyst- Deep yet bright purple cream
  • I Miss You- Purple clear base with glitter
  • I Love You- Medium tone purple with fushia shimmer
  • Dream On- Is a hard one to describe, I'm gonna call it a magenta that leans toward purple, dries matte
  • Captivate Me (magnetic)- metallic purple/plum with multi-colored glitter, rough when dry
  • Polar Opposites (magnetic)- Silver metallic with blue shimmer
  • Rendezvous (sinful shine)- Mint green color, one of my favorites, wears well
  • 1 polish that is missing a label :/ it's a nude color with shimmer

Thanks for checking out my collection! Be sure to head over and check out Krystal's and Eugenia's!

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  1. Super collab post, Amy. Love it to pieces!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I had a lot of fun with it :)

  2. Nice polishes, they are all so pretty!

  3. OMG Cinderella is gorgeous! I need to buy more! :)

  4. I love your collection!! SO many!! I NEED them all!

    1. They are such great polishes, so glad they are so affordable :)

  5. I like Dream On and Cinderella!


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