Sunday, November 25, 2012

ELF Cyber Monday Wishlist

E.L.F is currently having their Cyber Monday sale where you can get 50% off sitewide (ends 11/26)! If I was able to shop these are the items I would want to get. What would you get from this sale?
Beautysets - ELF Cyber Monday Wishlist


  1. I just gave in and placed an order. I've been wanting to try the lip exfoliator and it was finally back in stock. I also threw in some items I've been curious about. Even with shipping it was still less than $20!

    Berry Moisturizing Lip Tint SPF 8
    Blending Wedges
    Brush Shampoo
    Makeup Mist & Set
    Cuticle Pushers
    Headliner HD Blush
    Lip Exfoliator
    Neutralize & Conceal Corrective Concealer
    Porcelain Maximum Coverage Concealer - Oil Free
    Rich Red Matte Lip Color

    1. I love the Makeup mist and set! Let me know how you like the lip exfoliator, sounds like something I would be interested in if it works well.


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