Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pure Ice to Discontinue 28 Shades

In 2013 Pure Ice will be discontinuing 28 shades and re-naming 4 of those shades. Pure Ice announced this on their Facebook page and was kind enough to send out six bottles to some bloggers to review one last time before the shades are gone for good. I received 5 different colors that I will be reviewing over the next few weeks. The colors I received were: Iced Merlot, Jamaica Me Crazy, Gossip, Watermelon Ice, and Naughty Girl. I actually received 2 bottles of Iced Merlot, so I will be giving one away here on my blog :) I have bottle shots and some swatches below of the polishes I received.

What color(s) are you sad to see go?

Colors that will be discontinued
230 Honey Do
260 Unzip
301 Desire You
304 Naughty Girl
306 Once Again
307 Superstar (RED)
400 In the Mood
538 French Kiss
743 Watermelon Ice
761 Calypso
800 Mint Dream
826 Lilac Mist
827 Iced Copper
912 Gold Dust
913 Iced Merlot
953 Coral Reef
966 Taupe Drawer (Purple)
976 Tease
982 Dreamy
983 Scandal
986 First Time
987 Gossip
989 Oh Baby
994 Jaguar

Colors that will be renamed
758 Jamaican Me Crazy will now be called Crazy Love
970 Splash (Bright Pink) will now be called Pretty in Pink
988 Silver Mercedes will now be called Silver Star
980 Black Rage will now be called Black Out


  1. Aww man! I have Iced Merlot and I love it!

  2. I used Iced Merlot tonight and it is a beautiful color, Love it :)


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