Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: Fing'rs Prints

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I love the Fing'rs brand and when their PR department offered to send me a couple of the Prints sets I was so excited. Then when the package arrived and I seen Cameo Appearance in there I was even more excited, Camo nails, Oh My Gosh! Yes!

If you've not seen or heard of the Fing'rs Prints they are press on nails very similar to Broadway imPress nails. Each kit of prints includes 24 nails in 12 sizes, making it super easy to find the right size to fit all your nails! The kit also includes 2 charms with 6 adhesive tabs. You are supposed to be able to wear them for up to a week, easily removed, and no glue needed so they won't damage your nails. The tag line on the packaging says: Press on! Go on! Fashion without the

A look at the contents
Skull Charms
I found the Prints to be fairly easy to work with. The first thing I did was removed the polish from my nails and then swiped a cotton ball across them that had acetone polish remover on it, to ensure that everything was off so the nails would stick. Then I sorted through the nails to find the right sizes for me and laid them out in the order I would apply them. Then all I had to do was simply press the nails on, could not be any easier. I did wear the nails for 5 days with only one issue that I will discuss in a moment. I really do feel that they would have lasted the whole week though.

While wearing these nails I went on about my business as usual and had no major issues with them. You can sort of tell that you are wearing fake nails as the glue is on the squishy side and sometimes I could feel the nails moving just a little bit when for instance trying to open a box with my nail. Even though this happened the nails never felt like the were even close to popping off. Removal of the nails was quite easy, I just pulled on side up and once it started to let loose I pulled it the rest of the way off. I did have a little bit of glue residue left on my nails, but it was easily removed by using some acetone polish remover.

Small amount of glue residue
Easily removed
I have to say I am quite impressed with these nails, they feel very sturdy, not like the imPress ones that to me feel a bit thin and tend to bend. One thing that I didn't like about these was there is no protective plastic sheeting over the glue spots on the nails and the only reason I don't like that is because when you are trying to test the nail to see if it will fit you, you can't put it completely on your nail or else it's stuck, so you have to do a little guesstimating as to weather it will be an accurate fit.

Now the reason I did not wear these nails for the full week is because a couple of the nails began to raise up a bit at the top of my nail and anytime I would do anything with my hair, it would get snagged up under the nail. I'm not sure if this happened because I didn't push my cuticles back before applying them or what.

I think these nails would be great for any special occasion or if you are going on vacation and don't want to have to worry about doing your nails while you are gone. I also feel that the charms would be more suited for special occasions such as a prom or something of that nature. Even though I did not wear the charms I really like the fact that they have a little curve to them, as you can see in the photo at the top of the post.. I would totally buy a set of these to wear on vacation because of the ease of use, no damage done to your nails, and their staying power.

Fing'rs Prints can be purchased at your local Walmart, Kmart and CVS in a variety of designs for around $6 a set.

Have you tired Fing'rs Prints?


  1. I'm so glad you did a review of these--I've been wondering for a while whether they'd be worth picking up! They have some really cool designs and I love the camo.

    1. Glad I could help :) Do you think you will pick any up? I love the camo too, never seen any camo press on nails before, so awesome!

  2. Those are really cute! I think they are far shorter than my nails, though. >_> Still, way awesome design.

    1. Thanks Lizzy! Yeah, definitely made more for short nails :)

  3. I bought the exact nails and have worn them for 10 days having to rearrange and replace a couple only. The hair thing was my only issue too which results when the nail isn't under the cuticle but fixing that has made them last so long. Defiantly want to buy same nails maybe different patterns and french manicure style would be nice next.

    1. So much better than the nails you have to glue on! They have so many fun designs, I'm not sure which ones I would get ;)


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