Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: Avon CC Cream

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A while back Avon added a CC cream to their line of products called Ideal Flawless CC Color Corrector Cream. The claims of this product are that it will add color, protect and perfect your skin. Instantly evens tone plus improves skin over time, has a targeted formula with licorice, vitamin C and color correcting pigments and pearls that improve the look of dullness, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Says it will begin to fade the appearance of dark spots in just 2 weeks. Supposed to be buildable light to medium coverage

Ideal Flawless CC Cream comes in a 1oz. tube for $11 Has a SPF of 50 and comes in the shades Light,
Light Medium, Medium, Medium Deep and Deep. It does have a light fragrance that smells like a combination of foundation and sun screen, the scent it not noticeable to me once applied to my face. The consistency is thick and can sometimes be kind of goopy.

One of the first things I noticed about Avon's CC Cream when I swatched it on my had was the powdery texture it had to it's finish, made the skin on my had just look dry. I also noticed that it settled in to the lines on the back of my hand. Once I applied it to my face I did really like the coverage that it gave me with just one layer of product, I do think it would be very easy to build up the coverage if you desired it. It also noticeably evened out my skin tone, all great things in my opinion. The bad part was the way it made my hand look dry and powdery was the same result I got on my face and any little dry patches that I had were greatly accentuated. While using this I also noticed for the first time my pores, no other foundations or creams have ever made me notice my pores. I think this cream looked great from a distance, but once you looked closely it just looked horrible.

Ideal Flawless CC Cream over Serum, Moisturizer, Olay BB Cream. Topped with NYC Sunny Bronzer and Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso 
I think the Ideal Flawless CC Cream meets two of it's claims, evens skin tone and that it's buildable. As far as fading the appearance of dark spots I can not attest to that as I do not have any dark spots. I also can not attest to the claim that it improves the look of skin over time, because after seeing the way it looked on my skin I only used it a handful of times, trying to get a different result. It definitely does not do anything for the dullness of my skin, because it gives it that powdery dry looking finish.

As I mentioned above I tried using it in different ways trying to get a different result. I tried using it after using a serum and a moisturizer, I tried using it over those two plus my Olay BB Cream for some extra coverage. I also tried using my ELF Mist and Set spray in attempt to reduce they powdery look, but in all those cases I still ended up with the same result.

Definitely not a product for me, but everyone's skin is different so just because I had a bad experience with it does not mean that everyone will. I'd say if you had oily skin this might work for you, but if you have dry skin I would avoid it.


  1. Hrm... Yeah, I've had to start vigorously exfoliating my face to try and get rid of as many dry patches as possible. I do like "cream-to-powder" type finishes, but maybe winter isn't the best time for them... lol

    1. The only makeup that I've found that I can wear with out it showing up dry looking has been my Olay BB Cream :/ IDK what is up with my face LOL


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