Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TIOT: China Glaze Grape Juice & Nail Mail

Happy Tuesday Y'all! Today I have Grape Juice from China Glaze as my Try it on Tuesday.

Grape Juice is a beautiful medium toned purple with lots of silver shimmer. The formula on this polish was just okay for me. I did have some drying issues, which could have been my fault for applying too thick of a layer. I did end up smudging my middle finger something awful and roughed up some of the other tips before I even got a photo of the polish, so please excuse my mess.

I still really like this polish though, it almost looks like a jelly polish. I will know for next time to do thin coats, lots of them, lesson learned LOL

Yay for nail mail! The fabulous Lizzy from Lizzy's Place sent me this great package of nail polish and some nail decals! A few weeks ago she had mentioned on her blog about the Sephora by OPI It's Real 18K top coat coming to Big Lots, but she could not find it at her store. Lucky for both of us I was planning on going to Big Lots around that time and found a bottle for us both and she was kind enough to send some me some Essence polishes because I can't find them in my area and it's a brand I've never tried before. Thanks again Lizzy :)

All these colors are so pretty! I swatched them on a nail wheel and was shocked by how fast they dried! Oh and the red one is a sparkle sand effect finish!!

I have no clue what I'll have for y'all next Tuesday, so I'll just have to leave you wondering ;)


  1. You're very welcome!! ^_^ hehehehe See why I rave about the essence dry time? LOL It's insane! Glad you like the colors.

    1. Totally see why you rave about the dry time ;) Amazing!


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