Sunday, January 5, 2014

Haul: Christmas Gifts and After Christmas Shopping

Today I thought I would share with you some of the beauty related gifts that I got for Christmas plus a few products that I picked up at the after Christmas clearance sales. I'm in no way trying to brag, just thought this would be a fun post :)

First up are a few things that my Husband got me. He is so great, he will listen to me go on an on about beauty products even though most of the time he will admit he has no clue what I'm talking about, but his gifts proves he really is listening. He got me two bottles of the Garnier Sleek and Shine Moroccan Argan Oil and this awesome set from Suave which contains the Moroccan infusion products. It comes with the shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, a bottle of oil and 3 of the Goody Ouchless elastics! He also got me a $25 Gift Card to Bath & Body Works.

My Mother-in-Law got me some styling products from Sally's Beauty Supply. I've never tried any hair products from Sally's, I usually only shop there for nail stuff, so I'm excited to give these products a try. Two bottles of Volumizing Sculpting Foam and a bottle of finishing spray, these are supposed to be comparable to Paul Mitchell products.

My Best Friend got me a few things from Bath & Body Works,
a soap and fragrance mist in one of my favorite fragrances from there, Wild Honeysuckle. She also got me a soap in Candy Cane Bliss and a hand sanitizer in Vanilla Bean Noel. I really hope they have the Vanilla Bean Noel scent next year because I love it! I would really like to have it in a fragrance mist!

After Christmas is probably my favorite time to go shopping, you got Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale going on plus all of the beauty gift sets are on clearance at Walmart! Hubs and I took off to Walmart the day after Christmas and I found some Bodycology gift sets, I've never used Bodycology and I've always wondered if it would be comparable to Bath & Body Works and with these sets being 50% off I thought it was a great time to get them and try them out. I have received samples before, but they just get put in my sample drawer and forgot about.

This first set contains three fragrance mists: Pretty in Paris, Blackberry Vanilla and Exotic Cherry Blossom. I was able to get this for two dollars and some change!

This set contains 6 of Bodycology's fragrances: Exotic Cherry Blossom, Pretty in Paris, Blackberry Vanilla, Enchanted Forest, Wild Poppy and Toasted Vanilla Sugar. This set was only $4.94!

Then I seen there was a set of lotions to match the fragrances so I got that too for $4.94! I thought these would be great to give as Christmas gifts next year or even for Birthday gifts, if I don't decide to keep them for myself ;)

Lastly I hit the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual sale, unfortunately I did not find much that I wanted. What I did get was a Sicilian Lemon soap ( I love lemon scents for my kitchen) a Berry Sangria soap and a bottle of the Vanilla Bean Noel hand sanitizer since I love the mini one that my Bestie got me, now I can just fill the mini one back up when it gets empty :)

Do you love going shopping after Christmas? Did you go this year, if so what did you get?


  1. hehehe I love post-holiday sales for stuff like this. ^_^

  2. The Bodycology Cherry Blossom scent is amazing - I love it!

    1. So far I have only tried Pretty in Paris and Blackberry Vanilla and I have really liked them. Hope the pattern continues for the rest of the scents :)

  3. I skipped the post holiday sales this year, but I do love hitting BBW. It seems like you have to jump in there right away though before they sell out, and I had to work, so no go for me this year. Those soaps look nice though--I love lemon soaps for the kitchen too!


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