Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review: Miss A

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I ran across a link for an online store called Miss A, where everything is $1 and shipping is only $3.95 for any size order. We're talking makeup, nail polish, jewelry, etc. so I had to check it out. I browsed around on the site and made a few mental notes of things that I would like to try out at some point and I signed up for their Newsletter. Well a few days later I got one of their newsletters telling about some new products and they had this really cool charm locket necklace, I've been wanting something like that for a while, so off to the site I went again, this time knowing I was going to make a purchase.

The charm locket necklace is mostly what this post will be about because I think it is such a unique and affordable way to express yourself. I have seen the Pandora bracelets and loved the idea behind them, picking out charms that mean something to you, but it is way out of my price range. With Miss A you can choose between a locket necklace or a bracelet, I opted for the necklace because I didn't know how a bracelet would hold up getting knocked around and what not. Above I mentioned that everything on their site is $1.00 these necklaces and bracelets are the exception, in order to bring exceptional quality they charge more. The cost of the necklace is $7
and the charms are $1 each. I think the necklace is well worth the $7 that it costs, it feels like a well made piece. There are 2 small magnets that keep the locket closed and they are very strong, I have no worries about it coming open and losing my charms. The necklaces and bracelets come in different shapes and sizes and they come in a cute velvety orange pouch.

They have a lot of different charms to chose from, I got eight charms. A paw print for my cats, a guitar because I play, a Cross because I love the Lord, flip flops because I love them and summer, two hearts together for my husband and I, silver heart with the word Aunt on it obviously because I am one lol, a camera because I love taking pictures, and a little pink gun because I like guns.

From the photo below you can see that the charms vary in thickness. I personally would have prefered them to all be as thick as the paw print.

To add my charms to my locket I used some tweezers to pick them up and place them in since they are small. Once I got them all in there I just shut the locket. Easy Peasy.

When I picked it up all my charms shifted and some fell in front of the others but that was easily fixed by gently shaking them back into place. I'm guessing since there is some room left over in the locket that the charms will shift around a little bit, but I'm okay with that.

Over all I am very pleased with my locket and charms purchase from Miss A. I feel like now I have a piece of jewelry that is unique to me and shows off a little bit about me and some of my personality.

While I was shopping for my necklace I decided to get a few other items as well. I got a cross key chain, a cute paisley printed pouch (love to use these in my handbag), a Klean Color nail polish in the color Sea Ice and a Klean Color smokin' cream eye shadow in the shade bronze. I didn't know that Klean Color made anything other than nail polish.

Have you heard of or shopped at Miss A?
To check out Miss A's selection of lockets and charms visit their Charm Shop


  1. This is so cute! I saw this on another site, can't remember where, and wanted it. I didn't realize how big it was though. Is it heavy?

    1. I was impressed with the size too, was bigger than I thought it would be. It does have some weight to it, not super heavy but not light either.

  2. I've never heard of them before, but WOW! Impressive selection of KleanColors and body jewelry! Bookmarked!

    1. I was impressed with their selection of KleanColors and all for $1 :)

  3. Cute necklace! And that nail polish is a very pretty color as well.


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