Friday, January 31, 2014

Favorites & Empties: January 2014

Happy Friday! I'm combining my favorites and my empties this month, because I only finished two products. So let's get right to it.

Both of the products that I finished up this month were hairsprays, Vintage Glam Thermal Freeze Spray and Suave Touchable Finish. Suave touchable finish is pretty much my all time favorite hairspray, it is the one that I purchase over and over, and will more than likely continue to. The Vintage Glam was a product that I won from Sally's Beauty back in September last year. I have a love hate relationship with this hair spray. I love it because it holds my style, but leaves my hair feeling touchably soft. I also love that it comes out in a fine mist, but that also leads to why I hate it, the spray lingers in the air for a very long time. First time I used it I sprayed my hair went off to do some other things came back about 10-15 minutes later and you could still see the spray just hanging in the air. Probably not a product that I would repurchase solely based on it's price, $8.49 Just can't see paying that when I can get my Suave for $2.97

Now on to the good stuff, my favorites from January!

Why yes that is a package of light bulbs you see ;) I have been having a terrible time taking pictures since colder weather has arrived and I've not been able to take them outside. Seems like every time I would take some photos, they would come out with an orange or brown tint to them, totally messing up the whole photo. Started doing some research and seen that cooler toned bulbs might help my issue, totally did! Found this pack of three bulbs at Walmart for around $3 Now I won't have to deal with bad photos during the cold months.

I have also been loving my Volumizing Sculpting Foam that my MIL got me for Christmas from Sally's Beauty. It works so great on my curly hair,  no frizz or craziness that a lot of us curly headed gals deal with. So glad that she got me two bottles.

I got quite a bit of use out of Milani's baked blush in Luminoso during January. I'm not usually a blush using girl, but this gives me the prettiest peachy glow to my skin. Perfect pick me up during all the gloomy days we had.

Ever since I got my Crown Brush set from iFabbo, they are pretty much the only brushes I've been using. The two that got used the most in January were the blush brush and the eye shadow brush. The blush brush is just the perfect size for applying my blush and I feel like I've been more willing to use blush since now I have, what I feel, is the perfect brush for applying it. The eye shadow brush is great for applying the cream shadows I've been trying out. I just love how soft they are, really great brushes.

For my skin I have been loving my Eclos moisture therapy regenerative cream. This cream is too heavy for me to use during the spring and summer, but it has been exactly what my thirsty skin needed during these cold months.

Last but not least hubby and I upgraded to smart phones towards the end of the month, so now Instagram has become a big favorite of mine.

What were you loving during January?

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