Friday, June 21, 2013

Haul: CVS Clearance Sale

Y'all know how I love my beauty products on a budget and one of the best place to stock on on some products or try 'new' products that are to expensive when not on sale, is the 50-75% off sale at CVS. This sale is held twice a year, usually spring and fall, and if I have some extra money I try to shop it!

I had posted previously about a few polishes that I had found at this sale, this post is my last CVS sale post for this particular sale.

First up are some nail polishes that I got. I picked up another one of the Maybelline Color Show Shredded polishes in the shade Purple Possibilities, a Sally Hansen Crackle in Wave Break, a Spoiled polish in the shade Mind Your Own Beeswax, and a Maybelline Color Show Metallic polish in the shade Blue Blowout.

Left to Right: Sally Hansen Crackle Wave Break, Color Show Purple Possibilities, Color Show Blue Blowout, Spoiled Mind Your Own Beeswax
 I also got a few new lip products, I figured this sale would be a great time to re-stock my lip drawer since I had recently cleaned out all of my older products. I picked up a Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in the shade Porcelain Pink. Cover Girl natureluxe gloss balm in the shade Grenache. Milani Crystal lip gloss in the shade Fruit Punch, and two Revlon Super Lustrous Lip glosses, pink whisper and peach petal. I will have a follow up post with in the next couple of weeks with swatches of these lip products :)

Break down of the great deals I got from this sale:
Maybelline Color Show Polishes: Original Price $ 4.19 each I paid $ 2.09 each
Sally Hansen Crackle:  Original Price $7.49 I paid $ 1.87
Spoiled Polish: Original Price $1.99 I paid $.49
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Stick: Original Price: $8.99 I paid: $2.25
Revlon Super Lustrous Glosses: Original Price: $8.79 I paid: 2.19
Cover Girl Nature Luxe: Original Price: $7.99 I paid $3.99
Milani Lip gloss: Original Price: $5.79 I Paid around $1.45 ( I lost the receipt from this purchase lol)

Did you shop the CVS sale? What did you get?


  1. I did the CVS sale earlier and went a little wild.. I had some Revlon coupons so I got a ton for free and went totally overboard on blushes. I will probably donate most of it but I totally will take advantage of a sale!

    1. Next time they have this sale I will definitely have to check for coupons! That didn't even cross my mind this time.


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