Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Sally Hansen Double Duty

Sally Hansen's Double Duty claims that it will protect and strengthen nails. Using as a base will smooth nail surface and help to grip the nail color for longer wear. Top coat shields nails with a hard shiny, chip resistant finish. Designed to give you stronger, flawless manicures that last. Double Duty is a strengthening base and top coat in one. Formulated with nylon and pro-vitamin B5. It does not contain DBP, Toluene or formaldehyde.

I got this product because I was looking for something that would help strengthen my nails and the fact that it doubled as a top coat helped seal the deal of me purchasing it. Boy was I disappointed, this has not done a thing for my nails. I see no difference in the strength of my nails. I have a terrible time with my nails peeling, I thought this would help that too, but it didn't. A fellow blogger suggested sealing up my nails, which was something that I only did when one broke and I needed to smooth or reshape the nail. Now I have been sealing them every time I paint them and that seems to have helped a thousand times more than this Double Duty.

For me this product was mostly a fail. I don't think it meets all of the claims. I see no difference at all in the condition of my nails. It does have a shiny finish, but if you use it as a top coat, it takes forever to dry, I'm talking like 30 minutes. I accidentally hit my nail about 20 minutes after painting them and I got a big dent in my polish. I do however like this for a base coat, it does seem to really grip the polish and help it to last longer.

I would not repurchase this product. I picked this up at Walmart for $3.97

I'm giving the quality of this product a 2/5 because it does work well as a base coat.
As far as the price goes 2/5 because it does not do all it says it will.
I'll give the formula 2/5 again because it does not do all it says it will, but it does make a good base.
Longevity 3/5 it does help manicures last longer when used as a base

Overall: 9/20

Have you used the Sally Hansen Double Duty? What were your results, opinions?


  1. I can't remember if I've tried this. I have a couple of the Sally Hansen strengthening products. I know I have the triple action in the green bottle. I have not been impressed with any of them!

    1. I wonder if their cuticle oil would be any good?

  2. I haven't had much luck with SH nail products--I've liked some of their polishes but their topcoats and treatments never did much for me. :(

    I use Nail-Aid Ultra Fast Growth, which I've picked up at Walmart for about $4. It used to be in a neon yellow and black package but they might have changed the packaging, the bottle has lasted a long time. It's the only thing that works to keep my nails healthy and return them to a healthy state if they start peeling and splitting. It's not the best for a top coat as it isn't terribly glossy but it's a great base coat and can also be worn solo. And it seems to dry fairly quickly too!

    1. I will have to check my Walmart and see if they carry that. Thanks for the tip :)


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