Thursday, May 23, 2013

Collective Shop and Share

Over the past month I have made a couple of purchases from Avon, one from Amazon and today I stopped by CVS to check out the clearance sale they are having. They have this sale twice a year, head over to Nouveau Cheap's post about it, it has all the details about the sale and what products are on clearance!

From Avon I bought three of their new nail polishes from a couple new collections they have. One is Mandarin Magic from the Forbidden Fruit collection. It is a beautiful bright orange with gold shimmer. The other two came from their Cosmic Nail collection. I was sorta skeptical about getting one from this collection, they are described as 'stardust luster finish' polishes, but I was so impressed with the first one I bought, I bought a second one! I got Saturn, which is what I would call a burnt orange, will be a great polish for the fall! The second one that I got is Aurora, a beautiful purple shade. These have some sort of shimmer to them, to me they kinda look holographic.
I also got a couple of the i-Mark single eye shadows, one in lotus, a lavender color. I also got Biscotti, which is a cream color.
Left-Right: Mandarin Magic, Aurora, Saturn

L-R: Biscotti, Lotus
From Amazon I got a couple of polishes, that I'm not too happy with and a couple of nail stamping plates. The polishes are from KleanColor and are described as holographic, which is why I wanted them. One is called Chunky Holo Purple and the other is called Chunky Holo Bluebell. They look absolutely gorgeous in the bottle, but not great on the nails. They remind me of the Essie Luxe Effects collection, which obviously are not holographic polishes, they are flakie polishes and I like flakie polishes, but would have rather had them be holographic like the were described. And they have the strongest stinkiest smell ever! Sorry if that sounded like a rant LOL :/ These polishes were $1.65 each.
The stamping plates are made by MASH. I love them and they were only $2.99 each.
L-R: Bluebell, Purple

Mash Plate 48

Mash Plate 45
From CVS I picked up three of the Maybelline Color Show nail polishes. Each of these were 50% off! They retail for $3.99 each I got them for $1.99 each! I got two of the metallic polishes, Amethyst Ablaze and Navy Narcissist. I also got one of the shredded polishes, which I assume is supposed to be like a crackle polish, called Magenta Mirage. If it is a 'crackle' polish, I can't get it to crack LOL. If you have one of these, let me know if my assumption is right or not and if it is, how do you crack it.
L-R: Magenta Mirage, Amethyst Ablaze, Navy Narcissist
Swatches of all the polishes:
L-R: Bluebell, Purple, Mandarin Magic, Saturn, Aurora, Navy Narcissist, Amethyst Ablaze, Magenta Mirage
Have you got any good beauty products lately?

If you read my ABC Nail Challenge: Letter Q post, you know I was doing a nail product trial test. I have finished my trial and am working on a review of the products I used. I will tell you that they were Julep products. I hope to have the review up by the end of next week :) Review will be up tomorrow morning :)


  1. I liked the stamping plates, I need to order some the ones I got with full images are small for my nail beds. I went last night to CVS and I found some goodies. My CVS didn't have any stickers yet, but I scan them in the red box. I got some Revlon lip glosses, a lipstick and a blush. I printed out mainly the list of the 75% off.

    1. My CVS didn't have many stickers, wish I would have took the list with me, then I could have search for the products and scanned them like you did :)

  2. Those Klean Kolor polishes look amazing, shame that they're not so great on the nails :(

    1. I was very disappointed that they didn't look the same on my nails as they did in the bottle.

  3. Nice haul from CVS! Love the stamping plates!


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