Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shop My Stash: #1

Since I have more makeup than I really need and because I really need to save some money, I have decided to shop my stash instead of doing actual shopping! Each Sunday I will be shopping my stash for a few products that I have not used in a while, or just some that I want to use up. I will be incorporating them in to my daily routine during the week. If I use products that I have not used in a while, on the following Tuesday, I will do a Try It Again post and let you know if I will be tossing or keeping the products. I will also be including samples in my shop my stash posts. I am the worlds worst to get samples, toss them aside and forget about them. I will probably also be including hair products, lotions and fragrances.

For this week I shopped my stash for the following products:
A sample of Pixi flawless beauty primer, WEI to go Beauty sample of gelled oil cleanser and ideal skin perfect finish, Avon Smooth Minerals lip gloss, Milani eye tech extreme eye liner, ELF cream eye shadow duo in Mocha Swirl and the powered version of the same shade.

Be sure to check out next Tuesdays (1/22) post where my try it again product will be the ELF eye shadow duos!

Will you be shopping your stash this week? If so what items are you using?


  1. Following you via Monday blog hop :)

  2. Great idea! Unlike my box o'samples - I pretty much have my makeup down to what I wear - what the heck am I going to do with all that junk I mean wonderful products ... lol.


  3. Uhhhh I really need to shop my stash way more then I do!!

    Now following from the blog hop <3




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