Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Try it Again Tuesday: ELF Eye Shadow Duos

Today's try it again products are the ELF eye shadow duos. When I bought my duos I tried to get both the cream and powder ones in the same shades. Last week I shopped my stash for my duos in the shade Mocha Swirl.

L-R Lightest cream and powder Darkest powder and cream. Top of each swatch has primer.

I do still really like these duos, they come in such a great selection of colors and for $1 each you can't go wrong. In the Mocha Swirl duo, the lightest shade is really light on the eye, using eye primer does help to make the color look a little brighter. The darker shade of the two is very pigmented and is great for a crease color.

Today I used the lightest shade from the cream duo, then used the darker shade from the powder in my crease and the lighter shade from the powder for my highlight. I really like the look I was able to achieve. I did have some creasing issues with the cream shadow, but when I just wore the powder shadows last week, they did not crease on me.

As with all ELF products they are hit and miss, for me these two duos were hits. Not really sure why I quit using them in the first place. I am going to try harder to reach for these more often.

Have you re-tried any product lately?


  1. these look really pretty, the pigmentation seems great! I'm hoping to make an Elf order soon will definitely keep an eye out for these x

  2. Hidee ho hot stuff! I love the value of e.l.f. productions!
    Hope you are having an awesome Tuesday!
    I am busier than a one armed paper hanger or a single mom juggling sick kiddo and clients and blogs and..and…wait-before I forget, I wanted you to know that the Makeup University blog is doing a jumbo giveaway for Valentine’s Day. Be sure and enter so you can win the Emeshel X parfum, Billion Dollar Brows and Hydra Facial MD anti-aging skincare kit! Enjoy! http://preview.tinyurl.com/aj9xvy5
    Ciao ciao for now~

  3. These look like something I would use everyday too! I haven't seen them at the store, so ill check online. Thanks for the review!


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