Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review -- Truvia

This review is not beauty related, but wanted to share this great product. I received a sample package of Truvia natural sweetener from Influenster to try out. I have never used a product like this,
I usually just use regular sugar. I used this product to sweeten those little packets of drink mix that you get to mix into a single bottle water (the drink mix is not sweet enough for me). I poured the drink mix and one packet of Truvia into my bottled water and shook it up real good. The one packet of Truvia sweetened my drink perfectly! I think this would be a great product to take with you if you went hiking, on a road trip, or for anything that you would be doing out doors that you would take your own drink or food with you. The packets are very convenient to have for this type of situation.

You can pick up Truvia at your local grocery store for around $3.99 for a 40 count box.

To learn more about Truvia visit their website: http://truvia.com/

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