Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Nails: Part 2

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Today I am back with the second part of my Halloween nails mini series. Today's look is  more on the gory side, it's bloody finger prints!

To start off I painted my nails white with Sinful Colors Snow Me White, my new favorite white nail polish. Then I took Sally Hansen Cherry Red and dripped some drops on to a sheet of paper, lightly put my finger tip in it to get some polish on it. I then took my finger and lightly pressed it on the sheet of paper one or two times to get some of the excess off and took what was left on my finger tip and pressed it on to my nail. The finger prints did not come out as good as I hoped they would, but I still like this look. It's a little gross, but super fun at the same time. For me this method was a lot like stamping, a little trial and error till you get the look you want. On a few of my nails I put more than one fingerprint.

Is this something you would do for Halloween? Be sure to check back next Thursday when I conclude my Halloween series, it will be a 'monstrous' good time!


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