Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beauty Bits: Pure Ice Glow in the Dark Top Coat

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If you follow me on Facebook you know that I bought a bottle of glow in the dark top coat from Pure Ice. I was originally looking for the one from Sinful Colors, but could not find it. I have spent 3 days, well I guess nights, trying to capture the 'glow' on my nails. Capturing the bottle glowing was super easy, but once it was on my nails my camera just did not like it.

For starters it does work, I was quite surprised.Once it got dark my nails were glowing, it was not a bright glow, but there was a glow there. Also through trial and error, I discovered it does not work on dark colored polishes, weird I know. I started out just putting it over the polish that I had on, which was orange and white (I had attempted a saran wrap mani, fail) and I noticed that the glow was brighter where the white polish was. I then put white polish on two of my nails and black on two, the white glowed, the black nothing at all happening there. So the lighter the color the better it's going to work.

For my pictures I held a flash light up to  my nails right before taking the picture in hopes to get a bright glow to capture, it looked so much brighter in person and even when looking at the display on the camera, but once I uploaded them it was like my computer ate the glow right off.

Started off with Black and White
White had glow, black did not
How the glow in the dark polish looks over black
Over Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Over all I think this is a fun polish and not just for Halloween. It applies smoothly and dries quickly. As you can see in the photo above, if you do put it over dark polish it leaves it looking speckled. I would not advise putting it over dark colors though cause it does not work.

Have you tried any glow in the dark polishes? What was your experience with them?

Pure Ice Glow in the Dark polish is available at Walmart for right at $2 a bottle.


  1. I've discovered the same thing with other glow polishes. They tend to work much better over light colors. >_> Very weird. lol Great job photographing it!!

    1. Thank you! It is really weird, I'll be tinkering with this polish a little more ;)


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