Monday, October 14, 2013

Duri Truth or Dare 2013 Collection: Part 1

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Welcome to a new mini series I'll be doing for the next couple of weeks! I will be showcasing the 2013 Truth or Dare Collection from Duri Cosmetics!

If you are not familiar with Duri Cosmetics they were established in 1990 and carry over 200 shades of nail color, nail and hand treatments as well as some depilatory supplies. These products can be found in spas, salons and purchased on Duri's website.

Duri was nice enough to send the entire 2013 Truth or Dare Collection out to me, to try and review. Today I will be sharing four shades from the collection with you; Sheer Bluff, Naked Truth, Pink Player and Lilac Liar.

L-R Sheer Bluff, Naked Truth, Pink Player, Lilac Liar
All four of these polishes went on like a dream, very smooth. I did not have any issues with balding of the polish or with it running down and filling my cuticles. I was really impressed with the formula, not only for the aforementioned reasons, but also because it dries super quick, we're talking 5 minutes! The finish is super shiny, in my swatches I did not add any topcoat and each swatch was with 2 coats of polish.

Let's take a look at the colors!

First up Sheer Bluff I'm gonna call this a gray lavender. It is a nude gray color but it has a hint of lavender to it, which did not show up in my photo, beautiful color. The only thing I did not like about this polish is that in the bottle you can see tiny flakes of gold/brown shimmer, but it did not show up when I painted my nails.

Naked Truth is a very pale, pastel pink cream polish. It's is a very delicate looking pink, would be great for a wedding!

Pink Player is a rosy colored pink cream polish. When I put this on the first thing I thought of was my Grandma, it's a very pretty color and something that she would totally wear on her nails.

The last color for today is Lilac Liar, also a cream color. To me this is a pink shade that leans toward purple, I don't really have a good way to explain the color, but I really like it! Beautiful color for spring.

I also want to comment on the packaging, I'm a sucker for unique or interesting packaging. Duri's polishes are bottled in a square shaped glass bottle that features the company name on all four sides. I really like it because it is raised up off the bottle just a little, which is not something I have not seen with any other company. I just think it looks really classy.

The brush is just a standard polish brush. There were no stray bristles and they were all even.

Duri polish comes in a .5fl oz bottle and retails for $6.00

Can't wait to see the rest of my swatches from the collection? Be sure to check back next Monday when I will be showing Coral Start, Fuschia Finish, Double Dare and Question Mark!

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  1. huh Never heard of 'em. lol I do like the bottles, too. :) Very cute.


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