Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: SinfulColors SinfulShine with Gel Tech

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SinfulShine is a new product from SinfulColors with rich color and superb shine. Claims that the finish is 5X more gloss than a patent leather shoe! SinfulShine is available exclusively at Walgreen's for a limited time for $2.99 These are in the same type bottle as the regular line of Sinful Colors with the exception of the shiny silver top, which I love.

I received a bottle of SinfulShine from Influenster in my Sunkissed VoxBox in the shade Rendezvous. It's a beautiful mint green color, to me it looks a lot like, if not identical, to I Need a Refresh-Mint from Wet n Wild. I actually think that Wet n Wild is a little more shiny than the SinfulShine. You can judge for yourself in the photo below.

With the word Gel in the name of this polish, I expected the formula to be a little thicker than a regular polish, it is not. Seems to have the same consistency as a regular polish. It goes on very smoothly  and it took 2 coats to make it fully opaque. Drying time is pretty good, first coat took about 5-7 minutes to try and the second coat took around 10-12 minutes. It does have a shiny finish, I didn't apply a top coat in the photo below, but with that being said I find that the claim of it being 5X more glossy than a patent leather shoe does not hold up.

For me the wear of SinfulShine, with the shape my nails were in when I used it, was great. Usually I'm lucky if my manicures last one day with out chipping. With SinfulShine I got about 3 days wear out of it before it started chipping. I'm sure if my nails were not peeling, I would have got longer wear before it chipped.

I'm really pleased with this polish and I would pay and extra dollar for it just because it lasted so long before chipping. Hopefully I'll get to a Walgreen's, as the closest one is about and 45 minutes away, before these polishes are gone. I think they should make them permanent and put them in Rite Aid stores as well.

Quality: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Formula: 4/5 Only because I think it could be shiner to hold up to it's claims.
Longevity: 5/5
Pigmentation: 5/5
Overall: 34/35

Have you tried any of the SinfulShine polishes? What did you think abut them?


  1. Wow! OK, I'll be on the lookout. Thanks for the review, Amy!

  2. I actually bought one of these only to get it home and realize that it's the EXACT same shade as Sinful Colors in Endless Blue from their regular line. I think they do have a few different shades, but overall, I think they just repackaged their old formula and charged a dollar more. They just don't seem shinier or all that different. However, they are still only $2.99, so the new shades might end up in my stash sooner or later anyway lol Thanks for a great review, Amy!

    1. You're Welcome :) The only real difference I seen was how long it lasted on my nails.

  3. Looks great, but I agree it doesn't look as shiny as it claims...I got one of these also in a putty shade, so I'll be trying that this week!

    1. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it!


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