Thursday, March 7, 2013

Empties 2013 #2

I usually don't do Empties post every month, but for a change I had empties two months in a row! Yay me LOL :)

This month I only used up four products, but I still think that is pretty good.

First up is my Olay Complete face moisturizer. For the most part I really liked this moisturizer, really have no complaints about it, but probably not something I would repurchase. I'll probably stick with my Cetaphil.

I also used up my Not Your Mother's Way to Grow long and strong shampoo. I LOVE this shampoo I have a full review of it if you would like to read my thoughts about it. I would repurchase this.

I used up my Aussie Catch the Wave mousse with leave in conditioner. I like this product, but I have found another mousse that I like better, so I most likely will not repurchase this product.

Lastly I used up my Suave Touchable finish Extra Hold hairspray. This is my all time favorite hairspray and will be a product that I purchase time and time again.

What products did you use up this month?


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! I always get excited when I finish up a product :)

  2. I will really have to look for that shampoo! I want to grow my hair out longer so I can try some of those lovely Pinterest braid ideas!

  3. Lovely post. Love reading empties a lot!
    4 big products is not bad!


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