Friday, May 30, 2014

Essence Me & My Lover, Plus More

Happy Friday! Today I have Essence Me & My Lover, courtesy of Lizzy! Love, Love, Love this polish! It comes off as a pinky toned red, hope that makes sense, with gold and what looks to be fuchsia colored glitter. Know what makes it even better?? It's a texture polish, Long Live Textures! The sparkle on this polish is beautiful but my camera did not want to capture it. Didn't help that my regular camera hates any shade of red or pink so I had to use my phone for all the pictures in this post.

Application of this polish was flawless, dried super fast, as I have found with all the Essence polishes I have. I applied 2 thin-ish coats. You can see a hint of the sparkle on my pinky

Me & My Lover reminds me of Ruby Mine by Sinful Colors, it was in their Crystal Crushes collection, I'll do a comparison post in the near future.

Also wanted to show y'all what I have on my toes, because I,m loving it! I used 2 coats of Duri's Peach Buzz, from their Tutti Frutti Collection, and topped it with a coat of Mer-Magical from Pure Ice.

Warning: TOES for those of you that do not like feet/toes ;) so just scroll by really fast to the next part of this post.

Finally today a little Friday Fun! My hubby had all week off from work and he decided to play a little pratical joke on me. I always take my wedding rings off when I do the dishes and I have a habit of forgetting to put them back on as soon as I get done with the dishes, and get caught up in other chores around the house. Well yesterday my hubby locked them up and hid the key from me LOL

I did finally find the key and was able to release my rings! Such a jokester!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Long live texture!!! ^_^ LOL That is so cute putting a lock through them. My hubby gives me crap because I almost never take my ring off (because I KNOW I'll forget it somewhere) so it's all dull and dinged up. :p His is all pristine still...

    1. Usually he will take them and hide them under things on the counter. Men, what would we do without them LOL ;)


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