Monday, February 24, 2014

Duri Cosmetics: Tutti Frutti

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I wanted to share the rest of the Tutti Frutti collection with y'all today. This is an awesome collection of 12 polishes for Spring, there is a mix of pinks, reds, oranges and fuchsia shades and they range from light to dark.

The 12 colors Tutti Frutti Collection are:
Jamberry - A bold saturated clear pink
Queen Mangosteen - A deep radiant rich mid-tone lavender pink
Dragon Fruit - A multi-faceted, vivid, bright fuchsia-based pink
Peach Buzz - A modern twist on peach with a bubblegum pink finish
Raspberry Sorbet - A plump berry mash rich in raspberry and pink hues with a hint of rosebud
Plum Seduction - an eccentric high wattage plum-fuchsia matte
Orange Karma - A vibrant exuberant juicy orange
Wild Berry - a cool, clean, moist red berry hue
Strawberry Feeling - a luscious strawberry pink metallic
Cherry Merry -  a ripe, reflective cherry red
Apple Temptation - A bright and light sweet apple candy red
Currant Temper - an addictive raisin-plum with metallic glimmer

Jamberry and Raspberry Sorbet: I really love both of these colors and love the look I was able to create for Valentine's day using them.

Orange Karma and Plum Seduction: Lovely water marble
I was able to create with Orange Karma and Plum Sedcution. I love how bright these 2 colors are. They were the brightest out of the collection.

Peach Buzz: This is one of my favorites from this collection, it is a nice bubblegum pink with a hint of peach. Will be perfect for the toes this summer!

Dragon Fruit:

Queen Mangosteen: This is a very pretty light pink with a hint of lavender.

Wild Berry: On my nails in person, this came out looking more like a red-orange color.

Cherry Merry and Apple Temptation: In the bottle I thought these two looked very similar so I wanted to compare them side by side on the nails. On my index and ring I have Cherry Merry and on my middle and little finger I have Apple Temptation. I really love Cherry Merry, it is one of the prettiest true red cream polishes I own. Apple Temptation is a lighter shade of red. Much different looking side by side on the nail than how they appeared to me in the bottles.

I did not receive a bottle of Strawberry Feeling or Currant Temper to try out so I don't have swatches of them to share.

Overall I really love this collection, lots of great shades to choose from for this spring and summer. My favorite shades from this collection would have to be Peach Buzz, Cherry Merry, Raspberry Sorbet and Orange Karma.

Which ones do you like the best?

Duri polishes retail for $6 and are available on their website.


  1. I don't know that I have a favorite... lol I do love your stamping, though! ^_^

    1. Thanks! I think stamping is probably my favorite technique to do :)

    2. Love all those shades. And I also adore your heart stamps! some day I have to tackle that ;)

    3. Thanks Allison! I think stamping a super easy nail art technique to master, you should give it a try.


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