Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TIOT: Avon Platinum

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I love the polishes from Avon's Brushed Metals line, they are a textured polish with a ton of sparkle! Today I have Platinum from that line, a gorgeous light blue. These polishes to dry pretty quickly so you can't spend a lot of time on the coats, I find it's better to do 2 quick coats, everything gets evened out that way.

One thing I really like about this line is even though it's a textured polish it's not super textured. You can feel that it's not smooth, but at the same time it does not feel rough. It looks rougher than it feels, does that make sense? The other thing I like so much is like I mentioned above it has so much sparkle to it.

I do like to add my NYC quick drying top coat over it just to make it even shiner.

Clean up, as you can see, does leave little bits of 'glitter' on you, but after showering or washing your hands a couple of times it goes away. I just love it LOL


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