Friday, May 9, 2014

Easy Splatter Mani

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I love the look of a splattered mani, but I can't ever seem to create one that I like, so I got these really cool 3D nail stickers from the Born Pretty Store to try out and review. You get quite a few splatters in yellow, orange, pink and green. When I saw them online I saw my mani flash before my eyes, okay maybe not flash before my eyes, but I knew what I wanted to do with them.

Since these stickers are so bright I thought white would be the perfect background for them, so I pulled out Snow Me White from Sinful Colors and applied 2 coats to even out the streaks. White polish always streaks with me, does it with anyone else?

After my nails had fully dried I got out my tweezers and started randomly applying them, all I had to do was just rub them a little bit and they were good to go! These are a little bit thicker than a water decal and a lot less messy to work with, no need for water since they are stickers. I also think that you could apply them with out using tweezers if you wanted to.

I think a thick layer of top coat is necessary, at least for me, cause you can feel the edges of the stickers and I was afraid they might start to peel off if I didn't have a good layer of top coat. I applied one layer of my NYC quick drying topcoat then applied a layer of Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat. I've had them on for about 3 or 4 days now and they still look good, no issues with them at all.

I really like these, I've gotten quite a few compliments on them! They are just really unique and fun to play with. You can find these on the Born Pretty Store website and they are only $1.59 plus you can save 10% with Coupon Code: SMBW10 and as always free shipping!


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