Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sinful Colors Tidal Wave

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The other day I received a bottle of Sinful Colors polish in the mail from Pinchme. If you are not familiar with Pinchme here is what the site says about how it works:

"PINCHme gives you the unique opportunity to discover new products and try them for free. It's simple - you choose a product from one of our leading brands, and we then deliver it to your home or workplace for free. But be quick, we’ll reserve the products in your box for a limited time, to ensure that everyone has a chance of receiving the available products. Once you've tried, tasted or touched the exciting products we offer, you can leave your feedback. Start pinching now!"

The polish that I received was called Tidal Wave. When I first seen this in the bottle I didn't think I was going to like it at all, but once I got it on my nails, it's really pretty. It's a very pale sky blue, applies smoothly and dries quickly.

I wanted to add a little bit of sparkle to this so I topped it with Color Club's Starry Temptress Topcoat, but It didn't really give off much sparkle. I don't know if that is because that topcoat was designed to work with the Starry Temptress polishes, guess I'll find that out soon ;)

So when that failed I grabbed one of the new Pure Ice polishes I picked up from Walmart called Sparkling Seas from the Sparkling Seas Collection. Not really much of a collection if you ask me, it only has 3 shades. Anywho, these polishes are glitters with a slightly tinted base. The one I used today has a blue tinted base and I think it looks lovely over Tidal Wave.

Still not very sparkly, but I think it's okay. I'll do a more in-depth review of the Sparkling Seas Collection soon.

My post tomorrow will probably be rather late, Saturday hubby and I are headed to a motorcycle event for Veterans and I want to do a nice red, white and blue mani for the weekend!


  1. Sparkling Seas looks almost exactly like the bottle of Once Again! they sent me for the "say goodbye to these colors forever" thing. Maybe a slightly darker base, but same glitter. Weird.

    1. I had to Google that one LOL, but it does look very much like sparkling seas, just a little lighter.

  2. Very nice!! I love the blue! And I've never heard of Pinch me...I'll have to check it out. Thanks!


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