Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Nail Polsih

Since fall is here (insert sad face LOL) I thought I would share with you some of my favorite nail polishes from my collection for fall. During the fall I love to wear very neutral colors, browns, nudes, coppers and golds. I also like to have a few mauve type shades in there too.

And this fall I will be adding some grey and black type shades.

I'll start off with two nail polishes that I discovered last fall. The first one is Chocolate Martini by Orly, it's a beautiful coppery brown, that has some shimmer to it. You can find Orly products at Sally Beauty, Ulta and CVS. The next color is Debutante by Confetti, which you can purchase at CVS. Debutante is a very pretty pale golden color with just a hint of shimmer.
Next is kind of a variety of colors. First I have Palm Beach Purple by 10, available at CVS. This is just a deep purple color that I think is very appropriate for fall. It has some silver reflects in it, but not enough to make it shimmery. Next is Flirt by Sally Hansen, this too is a deep shade of purple. Just a gorgeous shade for fall! It is more of a cream type polish. Next are two polishes from Mark, the first one, to me is coral type color even though it's name is Ibiza Sol Tango. I like this one for fall because it gives you some color to your nails, but it's not a super bright type color. This polish is also a cream. The second Mark polish is called Stay Neutral. This is a nude color polish, but what's cool about it, is it has come iridescence to it. It has just a hint of  fuchsia to it.
Left to right: Palm Beach Purple, Stay Neutral, Ibiza Sol Tango, Flirt, Murray Hill Mauve
A couple other purple shades that I like in the fall are Winterberry by Sinful Colors and Lotus by Zoya. I do not even know how to describe Winterberry! It is just a beautiful shade of purple that is not bright or dull, it's like just the right color for colder weather :) When just looking at the polish in the bottles, Lotus by Zoya is very similar to Winterberry, but where Winterberry has a tiny bit silver reflects, Lotus has purplish pink reflects to it. But once you swatch them Winterberry looks, I wanna say more gray, than Lotus.

And lastly in my favorites are a gray looking polish and a black polish. I think Status Update by Color Club is going to be one of the polishes that I wear a lot this fall, just because I feel like there is so much that I can do with it, as you will see in the photo below. It's a charcoal gray cream polish that I received in my September Birchbox, Color Club created it just for Birchbox. The black looking polish is actually a polish from the Hunger Games collection from China Glaze, called Smoke and Ashes. This is a unique black polish, to look at it from far away it appears to just be a plain black polish, but once you take a look at it up close you can see that it has what appears to be green and light blue or teal flecks of glitter, which my camera failed to pick up :( 

On the far right is what the Status Update looks like alone, to the left of it I used NYC Matte me Crazy top coat, to the left of that I used Essie Luxe Effects Shine of the Times and on the far left I used Essie Luxe Effects in As Gold as it Gets

What are some of your favorite Fall nail polishes?

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