Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review on The One Sweep Eye Shadow

I honestly do not like this product. I can see the point behind it, which is to be able to get your lid color, crease color and highlight on at one time, using only one brush, in this case a specially shaped applicator.
I tried using this product several times. The first time I only got product on my lid. The next few times I used it I got all three areas; lid, crease and highlight, but I wanted the colors to be a little darker and tried to go back over it and totally messed up what I had already done.
I don’t think that you can make a specially shaped applicator to fit everyone’s eyes. We all have differently shaped and sized eyes, so I just don’t see how it could possibly work the way it was designed to.
I did find 2 pros for this product; it has great color choices and the pigmentation is awesome!
I will continue to use this eye shadow, but I will use my own brushes with it.

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