Tuesday, April 19, 2011

E.L.F Cosmetics (eyes)

I have recently discovered this brand of cosmetics by watching videos on YouTube. The brand as you can probably tell from the title is E.L.F (aka eyes, lips, face). They have two main lines, essentials and studio. The items from the essentials line only cost $1.00, yep that’s right a buck! The items from the studio line cost $3.00. They offer a wide variety of products on their website. You can also find E.L.F products at select K-mart, Target, Big Lots, and Dollar Stores.
I will break this topic down to 3 entries one for eyes, one for lips and one for face. Most of the products that I bought came from the essentials line. I will list my favorite products that I have and post some pictures of the actual product, and a picture of swatches. Click the photos to see them full size.
First up, tools for the eyes! I have a couple of the eyeshadow brushes, one of defining eye brushes and one of the blending eye brushes. I really like the eyeshadow brushes, they grab a lot of product. I’m not sure yet how I feel about the blending eye brush, I used it once and didn’t care too much for it, but I want to use it some more before I make my final decision about it. The blending eye brush is great! It works very well for blending your eyeshadow so you don’t have harsh lines when using multiple colors. All these brushes are super soft!
I also have a tube of their eye lid primer, which I absolutely love. It really helps your shadow to stay on all day!
The other 3 eye products that I like are the Brightening Eye Quads, the cream shadow duos, and the powder shadow duos. I have bought about 5 of the quads and they have been hit or miss. Some of them are very pigmented and some are not. I really love their cream shadow duos. All the ones that I have gotten have been very pigmented. I feel like they wear very well, just don’t use too much of the product because if you do it will crease on you. The powder shadows are also very pigmented and wear very well. Sometimes I like to put on the cream shadow as a base and then use the matching powder shadow on top.


Brightening Eye Quads (if you would like to see swatches let me know and I’ll post them)

Shadow Duos
 Cream Shadow SwatchesPowder Shadow Swatches

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