Friday, May 8, 2015

Pink and White Chevrons

Happy Friday everyone!! Today I have a fun and easy nail look for you!

I used the Kiss Nail Guides that I hauled the other day, Fing'rs nail polish in the shade Don't Even Pink About it, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Cosmic Dust from Salon Perfect.

I started out with painting two coats of Snow Me White on my ring fingers and applying two coats of Don't Even Pink About It on all my other fingers. The first coat of DEPAI was really streaky, but applying a second coat evened everything out nicely. Once my coats of Snow Me White were dry I applied 2 of the smaller chevron guides to each of my ring fingers, then applied one coat of Don't Even Pink About It. I did not wait for that to dry before I peeled the guides off, everything went smoothly, no peeling of the paint or messing up the crisp lines. Once all those coats of polish were dry, I applied a coat of Cosmic Dust.

For those that have not heard of Cosmic Dust, it is a 100% Dupe for China Glaze's Fairy Dust! Here is a slightly out of focus shot to try to show the sparkle off some.

I really like the way this came out even though I dinged up my ring finger, it's simple yet really cute. Of course it being a neon it did chip pretty bad on my third day of wearing it, but I can live with that ;) Another interesting thing about this polish, even though it is neon, it does not dry 100% matte, it's more of a semi-matte.

Yay! Now I can check off #36 Pink from the #SBBNailChallenge

It's off to work for me! Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Love it!! And I love that name "Don't Even Pink About It". XD Hilarious. I definitely need to get back on the challenge... >_>

    1. LOL Right!?!? I love a good creative polish name!


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