Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TIOT: China Glaze It's A Trap-eze

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Before I get to the TIOT, I wanted to let y'all know I will be MIA for the rest of the week. I'm a little under the weather dealing with a sinus infection. Hopefully by next week I will feel better and can get started on Christmas nail designs.

Now today's TIOT is another China Glaze polish! I went a little wild on Amazon LOL It's a Trap-eze is from the Cirque du Soleil World Away Collection. On one hand I like this polish, because it's a really different looking polish, but on the other hand I don't like it because it is a pain in rear to remove! Glitter Everywhere!

Swatches are 2 coats, but I should have used 3, which is a pattern I see forming for China Glaze polishes. It's A Trap-eze is a glitter bomb in a milky white base. The glitters range in size and color.

This polish was easy to work with, there was no need to spend a lot of time manipulating the glitters in to place. There are a few glitter bald places on a couple of my nails, but I think a third coat would have eliminated that issue. For removal I highly recommend the foil removing process, on my left hand I just soaked some pieces of a cotton ball and placed them on my nails and had to scrub to get all the glitter off. On my right hand I soaked pieces of a cotton ball, placed them on nails, then wrapped foil around my nails, made it 100 times easier to get all the glitter off my nails with out having to scrub them. I do like this polish, but it will not be one that I wear often, just because of the removal process.


  1. Gorgeous polish and I hope you feel better.

  2. I hope you will feel better soon!! Sinus troubles are no bueno. :( This is so gorgeous and makes me think of birthday cake and confetti. It's a shame that glitter polish is such a pain to remove, because some of my favorite polishes are glitters like this one! They're just too pretty to pass up!


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