Thursday, November 21, 2013

Haul: Sinful Colors

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I love Sinful Colors nail polish and for me the best place to find them is at Rite Aid, and the closest Rite Aid to me is like 30 minutes away in the opposite direction I usually run my errands in, so I don't get there as often as I like. Lucky for me I had an errand the other day that took me that way, so of course I stopped in to see if I could find any of the Crystal Crushes textured polishes. I found that display plus another one called Glitz & Glittered, I got two polishes from each collection. From the Crystal Crushes I got Treasure Chest, a beautiful Turquoise color with some gold shimmer and Ruby Mine, which is a pretty cranberry pinkish color also with gold shimmer. From the Glitz & Glittered Collection I got Charmed, a super pretty silver glitter polish that has a small amount of pink and blue glitter mixed in. I also got Gilded which is a mix of gold and reddish/pinkish glitters in what appears to be a very very light grey almost translucent base.

L-R: Ruby Mine, Treasure Chest, Gilded, Charmed

L-R: Charmed, Gilded, Ruby Mine, Treasure Chest

I think the glitter polishes are going to be great for Christmas manicures and I just love the texture and color on the Crystal Crushes, can't wait to try them out!

Do you have any of the Crystal Crush polishes?


  1. Nice polishes, I really like Sinful Colors nail polishes too.

  2. Just got the Crystal Crushes courtesy of an awesome woman in our challenge group - no Rite Aid in my state. Looking forward to wearing them!

  3. GYAH! I didn't know SC put out textures.... Might have to give in. >_> Dude, I wish we had a Rite Aid here.


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