Monday, September 2, 2013

August Empties & Update

Normally I'm all like where did the month go, but I am glad to see August go! The last week of August was bad for me, I had oral surgery to extract a tooth and had an allergic reaction to the gloves the surgeon used, so I spent the week laid up on the couch with a sore mouth and swelled up lips LOL Another reason I'm glad to see August go is I get to go on vacation the 9th of September! So excited! I will still have posts up the week of the 9th-13th. I will not however have a Mish Mash Nail Challenge post up this week. I was trying to get a couple of the challenges done so I wouldn't have to miss any with my surgery and vacation and somehow I managed to skip over this week and did next weeks challenge (insert eye roll). I should do it but I have so much house work to catch up on and blogging stuff and getting things ready for vacation, but I'm really excited about my post for next weeks Mish Mash Challenge. Okay on to the empites!

Up first I have a bottle of Wild Honeysuckle soap from B&BW. I love the way this smells, I would purchase again if I found it on sale. I finally used up my pack of Ponds cleansing towels; I like these, nothing special, would possibly repurchase them. I also used up the ELF Mist and Set Spray, I really like this stuff if I am wearing any kind of powders on my face because it keeps my face from looking dry and cakey. I threw in my China Glaze Black Mesh Crackle polish because it is so thick it's unusable, same goes for the NYC quick drying top coat.

With all they fun manicures I've been doing lately I finished up my regular polish remover and my pure acetone remover.

I finished up more hair products this month! Finished another can of my favorite hairspray, Suave Touchable Finish spray, already have another bottle. Finished up the Biolage conditioner that went with the shampoo that I finished in June, won't repurchase this. So sad that I finished up my Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves, I have a hard time finding this stuff in my area, but would repurchase. I also finished up two samples of conditioner Tresemme split end remedy and daily moisture renewal from Pantene, probably would not purchase either one of these.

What did you finish up this month?


  1. I love that honeysuckle scent! I'm trying to use up my summer scents right now so I'll have room for some fall ones :D

  2. It's such a good feeling when you use up products, especially this many! Well done!


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