Friday, May 10, 2013

Fragrance Rotation: May

I have really been enjoying switching out my fragrances once a month. It helps me to remember to put on my fragrance before I leave the house because I don't have to sort through all of my fragrances, just four. Here is the photo that I took of my fragrances for April:

And again at the end of the month: As you can tell I used my Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea the most.

The fragrances I chose for the month of May are Wid Honeysuckle from Bath & Body Works, Country Chic also from B&BW, Wonder Moon Orchid from Avon, and Luscious Temptations from Avon in Naughty Orange Blossom. 

Do you rotate you fragrances? If so what fragrances did you choose for this month?

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