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Review: The Pink Panel & Julep Nail Products

A few months ago I signed up with The Pink Panel, what is The Pink Panel you ask? Well they are a consumer panel for beauty products. It is super easy to join, just go to their Facebook page, click on the 'JOIN' tab and follow the instructions to fill out your information. Once you have signed up you are automatically entered in to their weekly giveaways and it gives you the opportunity to receive information about up coming testing groups. If you get in to one of the testing groups, not only do you get to test out some products, but you also get paid for it! It's a win win situation, right?

About a month ago The Pink Panel had posted on their Facebook page about an upcoming testing group for some nail products, directed specifically at weak, peeling nails and cuticles, an area that my nails were in much need of some help. I filled out the survey and I qualified for the testing group! At the time I was selected and sent the information about the testing group I had no idea what brand or type(s) of product(s) I would be receiving. Much to my surprise when I opened the package it was products from Julep! I've never used a single Julep product in my life so I was doing a happy dance! After I received my package I was sent an email with all the information that I needed to complete the product testing, such as how and when to use the products.

The products that were included in my testing kit were:
A tube of Glycolic Hand Scrub, a bottle of Oxygen Nail Treatment and Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum. These were the products that I was testing out. In addition to those products I also received 5 One-Step Polish Remover Pads and a tube of SPF30 Hand Cream.

I was not allowed to use any other items in my hand and nail care regimen for the next 14 days!

I would like to share the before pictures with you now. I will share the after pictures on down in this blog post after my review of the products.

As you can see I had some serious peeling going on with my nails and my cuticles looked pretty rough too.

Glycolic Hand Scrub

Up first is the glycolic hand scrub, it is described as a facial for your hands, with natural apricot seeds. Claims it will whisk away dirt and oil, noticably softer and younger looking hands after one use, promotes cell growth, glycolic acids provides chemical exfoliation, while the apricot seeds provide manual exfoliation, gentle enough to use everyday. Does not contain parabens, sulphates or phthalates. 
I enjoyed using the glycolic hand scrub. I felt like it did a good job at cleaning my hands and a great job at gently exfoliating them. It left them feeling very soft and smooth. My hands also appeared brighter. The scrub has a light floral scent to it. It smells very fresh and clean.

The glycolic hand scrub comes in a 3oz tube and retails for $23
Quality: 5/5
Price: 2/5
Packaging: 5/5
Scent: 5/5
Overall: 17/20
Glycolic Hand Scrub Ingredients

Oxygen Nail Treatment
The oxygen nail treatment allows nails to breath while conditioning and restructuring nails in just four weeks. Has anti-aging properties and a protective UV filter.

I like the oxygen treatment a lot, it gives my nails a very nice pale pink tint and leaves them looking super shiny. It also camouflages any peeling that I had had going on, on my nails! It was not too bad about chipping and given the thickness of the oxygen treatments formula, it has a decent dry time.

I only used the oxygen treatment for two weeks not the four weeks that it states on the packaging and I seen results. I still have some peeling, but not as bad. I do not feel like it has made my nails stronger. I will continue to use the oxygen nail treatment once a week till it's gone.

The oxygen nail treatment comes in a .27oz bottle for $18

Quality: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Packaging: 5/5
Formula: 5/5
Pigmentation: 4/5
Longevity: 4/5
Overall: 25/30

Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum

The mighty nail and cuticle serum contains peptides that help build keratin and collagen to transform dry and damaged cuticles, plus get visibly stronger, smoother nails with fewer ridges and less splitting and brittleness in 2-3 weeks.

I used the nail and cuticle serum once in the morning and once at night and seen a big transformation in my cuticles. Honestly I don't think my cuticles have ever looked this good. I don't think it really did anything for my nails though.

The only thing I don't like about this product is the packaging, it's a twist click brush pen. The outside of the packaging looks great, love the silver. The brush is great too. My problem is with the twisting/clicking, it seems like either nothing much comes out or too much comes out. I would rather have just had it in a bottle like the polish came in.

The Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum comes in a .09oz tube for $28

Quality: 5/5
Price: 3/5
Packaging: 3/5
Overall: 11/15

Overall I am very pleased with the performance, quality and results of these products. I will do a separate review on the hand cream and polish remover pads.

Now time for the After photos:

Have you tired any of these three products from Julep? What were your thoughts about them?

**All the products were sent to me by The Pink Panel for testing**


  1. Wow what a difference! My nails are always a mess I think I'd like the Oxygen treatment.

  2. Awesome review and your nails look great!

  3. I'm with Chantel. Fabulous review, Amy!

    There IS a big difference. Your nails and cuticles look amazing.

  4. These product did improve the look of your nails and cuticles. Do you seal your nails when you file them? My nails will peel sometimes and I will file them down below the peeling point, when they do. Then seal the edges with a 300 grit file. That seems to stop the peeling. If the peeling is below the nail line, I just buff it out as best I can and keep a base coat over it to prevent water getting underneath and stop the peeling from getting worse.

    Anyhow these are great reviews...Julep is a bit expensive though...

  5. Thanks for the tips Jenni! I'm really bad about taking care of my nails to start with LOL, but after seeing the difference these products made I'm going to try my best to take better care of them. I do seal them but not on a regular basis, usually just when one breaks and I need to smooth it out. Guess that is something I should do each time I paint them.

    I agree Julep is expensive, not something I would have tried if I had to purchase it with my own money. Will be looking for cheaper alternatives :)

  6. Awesome review! Those products really made a difference in your nails!

    I've tried a few Julep products that I managed to snag on sale outside of my regular polish boxes, and while I do like them, I feel like they're VERY overpriced for my budget. So, if I can grab them on sale--great. Otherwise, I have to pass :P


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