Monday, April 22, 2013

Mini Shop and Show: Dollar Tree

By now you know that I love finding beauty products at super cheap prices and The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to go on a hunt for beauty products. Sometimes you can find great stuff and other times it's just a fail. This weekend I feel like I scored big time when I stopped in at a Dollar Tree while traveling to my Mom's house. I found Sinful Colors and NYC polishes!

The NYC polishes came 2 to a pack for $1.00, these retail for $1.72 each at Walmart, so to get 2 for $1.00 was super. Then I open up the packaging and find that one of the polishes was a polish that I spent all summer of last year trying to track down. It was a limited edition polish from the Summer in the City collection called Peach Sparkle, seriously made me so flipping excited to find that! The other polish that came in the pack is called Murray Hill Mauve, which is a color that I already own.

I will have more in-depth photos of Peach Sparkle on Wednesday in my ABC Nail Challenge Post.

I also found, as I said above some Sinful Colors polishes, these retail for $1.99 and you can find them at RiteAid and some Walmart stores. I picked up #946 Happy Ending, which is a beautiful bright green that has a hint of gold shimmer and #1145 Hot Hot Heat, it's a beautiful metallic burgundy.

Have you spotted any Sinful Colors or NYC at your local Dollar Tree?
L-R: Murray Hill Mauve, Peach Sparkle, Hot Hot Heat, Happy Ending

Could not resist adding a photo of my cat Mopey :)


  1. I love the peach sparkle one. I also love finding beauty on the cheap and if you have an ocean state job lot near you, they are pretty good for discounts as well!

    1. I had to Google to find out what an ocean state job lot was and sadly I do not have one anywhere close to where I am, but I sure wish I did. Makes me think of Big Lots. :)

  2. Nothing better than finding those kind of deals! Hot Hot Heat is pretty...I need to keep my eye out.


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