Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Haul: Amazon

Wanted to share with you some great goodies I bought from Amazon way back in January.

I was wanting some dotting tools and I could never find them in a store, so I went to Amazon, where you can find practically everything. I found a set of 5 for only $1.64.

I also wanted some nail art brushes and I found a set of 15 for only $2.68. The only thing about the brushes is that they came from China or Japan, can't remember which, and it took nearly a month for them to arrive, but they were worth the wait. Please excuse the polish on the one brush. I had been trying it out.

I also picked up a couple packs of nail wheels for $2.95 each. I usually get mine from Sally's but, Sally's is like an hour drive from my house.

I have never shopped Amazon before for beauty products, so glad that I did though. I'm a member of Swagbucks and that's a great way for me to earn Amazon Gift cards, so I can support my beauty product addiction LOL I have a widget at the very bottom of my blog where you can sign up for you own Swagbucks account.


  1. Great haul. I have been looking everywhere for some great nail brushes, thanks so much for sharing =)

  2. I keep meaning to pick up some nail wheels. I don't have a huge polish collection but I would like to swatch them all.

    1. I loving using nail wheels to practice nail art before I try it on my nails :)

  3. Looks like you got some awesome deals!!


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