Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shop My Stash #4

I have been loving shopping my stash, but since I've been doing it every week I find that I don't get to incorporate all the products in to my routine. So I am going to only shop my stash twice a month, once every two weeks. So for this stash shopping post I am actually going to use some products that I already shopped, but didn't get to use yet.

This time around I only have four products; Wet n Wild Cream Eye liner, Milani Crystal Gloss for lips, Jillian Dempsey professional multi-pencil, and Mox Botanicals Lip Butter.

These are the products that I had shopped over the last three weeks and I either didn't get to use them at all or just very little. Now I will have two weeks to give these products another try.

What will you be shopping from you stash?

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