Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Collective Nail Polish Haul

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Since I've been working I've been able to splurge a little more on random nail polishes more often, so today I have a nice little collective haul for y'all!

We'll start off with some polishes that I bought from Beauty By Krystal's Blog Sale. I seen she had Essence polishes on there so I snagged some of them up quickly, since I can not find them in my area. I got Aquatix Bay, Under the Sea, A Lovely Secret, Enchanted Fairy and Can't Cheat on me. I'd never heard of Orchid polish so I grabbed the one that caught my eye, Funky Monkey. The last two I got were both from Sinful Colors, Petal Be The Day and Prized Plume.

I picked up a few polishes from work too, 2 Broadway Nails regular polishes; Easter Annie and Sour Apple. Also picked up another one of the Gel Strong polishes for 'testing' purposes ;) in the color Where's Nemo.

At work we got a display for the Wet N Wild 2015 Silver Lake collection, but I don't think that the correct products are in it, because the polish I picked out of it, Bubblegum Pop appears to have been around for a while. In any case it's still pretty and I will wear it proudly. Found this Sinful Colors polish at Big Lots, it's Love Sprinkles, way to cute to pass up!

Also at Big Lots I finally found two of the Bleached Neons from Maybelline, Lime Accent and Bleached in Peach! I wish I could have found the rest of the set, but I'm happy with the 2 I was able to add to my collection.

I also did a little China Glaze shopping on Amazon, always find great polish deals on there! I got Hang-Ten toes, Beach Cruise-r, Ahoy and Flirty Tankini. I got all these for about $4.50 each, not a bad deal! Of course these are not true to color since they are pink toned and neon for the most part.

I can not remember if I have hauled these or not, but they are from Avon's Electric Shades collection for 2015; Hottie, Suacy, Reckless and Vibe. If these cooperate, they would make a beautiful water marble!

Found these cool Nail Edge Guides from Kiss and pump bottle at Walmart! I want to get another one of these to put regular nail polish remover in, so I'll quit using so much pure acetone on my nails.

Needless to say my untried pile is full again! Is there any polishes that y'all would like to see more than others? If so let me know and I'll move them up!

Hopefully I'll be back in the next day or so with a nail look using the Kiss Nail Guides ;)


  1. These are all really pretty. I own Broadway's Easter Annie; I featured it in a Spring beauty tag here. I wasn't much of a pastel lover until I tried Easter Annie. I'd like to see more of the shades Bubblegum Pop, the 2 maybelline shades (they're gorgeous), and A Lovely Secret!

    Keshia Glam

    1. Thanks Keshia! I'm a huge fan of pastels ;)

  2. Awesome haul!! I can help you with the Orchid mystery. ;) It's a store brand for HEB, a Texas grocery chain. Most of their stuff is "HEB" or "Hill Country Fair", but for some reason all of their bath and beauty products are "Orchid". lol Let me know how you like it! It's almost always on sale, but I still haven't made the jump to grab any.

    1. Thanks Lizzy! I had not had a chance to search about the Orchid products, glad to know where it's available but too bad I live no where near there LOL. I'll move it up on the list and let you know my thoughts on it.

    2. Awesome! ^_^ Can't wait.


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