Saturday, November 5, 2011

Influenster Vox Box #1

So I found this really cool website called Influenster! They give you the opportunity to try out new products for FREE, in return all you have to do is use the products and tell people about them.

I got my first box of products earlier this week. They call these boxes Vox Boxes. My vox box consisted of a Gillette Venus Pro Skin Razor with 2 Refills, a bottle of VitaBath Shower Gel, and a 30 day supply of the ProActive System.

I'm really excited to try out the razor and the shower gel, but I'm not sure I will be using the ProActive. I don't have acne prone skin so not sure that I really need to be using that on my skin.

I'll write up a review after I have used these products for a little while :)

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