Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Orchid Funky Monkey

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I'm back with Orchid's Funky Monkey! I'm kinda on the fence with this one, it's a really pretty color; sheer light brown base with redish/orange/brown glitter. It goes on smoothly and dries in a decent amount of time, but oh is it sheer! In the swatches below I applied 3 medium-ish coats and you can still see my nail, not just the nail line, but the whole nail.

In the next photo I put a coat of Funky Monkey over Avon's Mudslide, a medium dark muddy looking brown cream polish. I like the effect that Funky Monkey gave to Mudslide, make it look like a completely different polish.

So in my opinion a good polish for the most part, just super sheer and will most likely be layered over another polish any time I use it. I'm wondering if their cream polishes would be any better. I've looked for Orchid online in the form of a Google search and also looked for it on Amazon, but there is little to be found.

Friday I hope to be back with 2 more untried polishes to show y'all!


  1. Oh man, definitely guessing that's meant to be a topcoat. lol Google no more! I have found this for you:


    lol Enjoy. ;)

    1. Yeah that's what I'm thinking too. Ooooo thanks Lizzy!!! I see a couple that caught my eye!


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