Saturday, November 1, 2014

Avon Starlight

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Happy November!

Today I am checking off another number on the SBB Nail Challenge, number 4 Green. I am using a polish that I had bought a while ago and it just got pushed to the back of my unworn drawer, Avon Starlight from their Cosmic Collection.

This is a gorgeous greenish-yellow holographic polish. Unfortunately I did not have any sun to photograph this in, so I just used my flashlight on my phone as my light source. In the light it does tend to look more green than yellow.

Even as pretty as this was on it's own, I just couldn't leave it be, as you see in the photo. So I added some chevron stamps to it using a plate that I received for review from Born Pretty Store. I love the stamping plates from there, they are always great quality, work well and come in a wide variety of designs. The plate that I used was the Zebra Stripes Love Pattern QA91. It is a great plate and lots of potential manicures in it and at a price of only $2.99, you can't beat that! Plus you can save an extra 10% with coupon code SMBW10
This plate would also be great to use for Valentine's day!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! We are getting a first snow of season today, it does not seem to be as big a deal as the weather man made it out to be, but it sure is cold LOL


  1. OMG You stole my mani!! XD I was going to stamp this same design over It's About LIME! LOL Glad to see it out there, though, and if anyone's going to be rooting around in my brain I'm glad it was you. ;) Also, OMG the sparkles make it even prettier! I need to get this plate, though. That picture frame looking design (by your thumb) is very intriguing!!

    1. LOL great minds think alike! I'll have to root around up there a little more for some good mani ideas ;) The frame is very intriguing, haven't came up with any ideas for it though.

    2. You could do some flowers in the frame. ^_^ If you have any small water decals you could cut them to fit. OMG The possibilities!!

    3. Oh those are some good ideas!! Time to raid my nail art drawer and see if I have any good decals :)


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