Monday, April 20, 2015

Update: Broadway Nails Gel Strong Ultra Violet

I'm a few days late on getting this up, but I did want to update y'all on the wear time of the Broadway Nails Gel Strong Polish.

I applied this polish on the 14th and I took this photo on the 18th. So about 5 days of wear, I'm thinking not too bad, because usually after about 2 days my nails are chipped bad. This only chipped in the areas where my nails were peeling, mostly on my thumb, other than that I only got tip wear for the most part.

Very happy with the wear time on this polish, but still kinda bummed about the drying time. I do think I will try another color and see if the drying time is any different with it.

Super short post, going to go enjoy the rest of my day off :)


  1. Not too bad. Definitely try another color. ;) For science! lol


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