Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review: Candie Chic Foot Soak

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Today I am reviewing a foot product that I am absolutely loving, it is the Moisturizing Foot Soak from Candie Chic! Candie Chic is a small business owned by Lauren, that specializes in creating products that will give you a luxury experience right at home.

Right away the first thing I noticed about the product was the packaging, I am a sucker for cute or creative packaging and this had it. It came wrapped in clear plastic the way a piece of candy is wrapped, I found that very cute and fitting since the name of the company is Candie Chic. The foot soak it's self comes in a nice plastic jar type container. Lauren currently offers the food soak in four scents: Tasty, Treat, Sweet Tooth and Indulgence. I got mine in the scent Sweet Tooth, it smells sweet with hints of Jasmine.

I have never used a foot soak before and was kind of skeptical about how putting a powder product in some water to make my feet feel soft and moisturized would work. I do not have one of those nice and fancy whirlpool type things to soak your feet in so I just got a small 'tub' from Walmart, big enough for my feet. I filled it up with warm water and sprinkled some of the foot soak in to it. Once the product hits the water it looks like smoke in the water, very cool looking effect, once the 'smoke' settled I stuck my feet in and relaxed! I left my feet in for about 10 or 15 minutes, by then the water had started to get cool on me. I took my feet out and patted them off with a towel and was very surprised at how soft and moisturized my feet felt, it was amazing! The felt like I had just slathered lotion all over them. I see myself using the at least once a week, especially during flip flop season, to keep my feet feeling soft and looking nice!

This awesome foot soak is already super affordable at only $8 a jar, but in exchange for a review Lauren is generously offering all my fabulous subscribers 40% off the moisturizing foot soak with the coupon code Beauty  Simply put in the code in the discount code box. Code expires on August 19, 2014
Head on over to the Candie Chic StoreEnvy Page to get your foot soak!

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  1. Ooooh That sounds very luxurious!! ^_^ Great review!


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