Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Tree Nails

I was able to get my computer to stay turned on long enough to transfer some of my files to our other computer and I made sure to grab the file that had these Christmas Tree nails in it. Since I've only gut nubs now I thought this would be a really cute look for Christmas and I was able to do it with a dotting tool and one small brush.

I started out with Sinful Colors Snow Me White and painted all my nails with this for my base. Then I took a dotting tool and made a yellow dot at the top for the star, then I dotted on some green polish to form the shape of the tree and lastly I used a brown color on a small nail art brush to make the trunk of the tree. I think that you can really make a lot of different looking trees with this design, all different colors. I wish I had thrown some red in mine, but hindsight its 20/20 LOL


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